Will wonders never cease?

CFCF12 lead story at 6 was the Als win!!!!!

I'm amazed!

This was a great win- both from the offense and defense. Trestman transformed the offensive line last year this year the defense was the best in the country. The defense played superb man to man coverage while the four man Alouette rush was great. I liked Cox, Erik Wilson, Shea Emery and Guzman. From the beginning this was a passing game and the entire offense was up to the challenge. AC was at his best. I guess we will have to wait until next year to have Hawkins make a name for himself. He was outstanding until the injury. Great Game!

No way! :o!

Any word on Hawkins' injury?

I would like to comment on some of the Als who did not get the headlines this year but, played a good role in the east win this year. I liked the special teams work of Cory Huclack. Cory was great all year and, in yesterdays win over BC. He is listed as the long snapper bur played his best other role on special teams. I believe he also had an interception earlier in the year for a TD. SEcondly, Brian Bratton has now locked up the 4th receiver position with his play yesterday. His catches were super. Although he did not play in every game he now has to own the 4th receiver position. Andrew Hawkins finally got to play at the end of the season. Trestman was searching for someone with extra speed to give the Als another threat from the backfield. He tried larry Taylor but he could not catch the ball. Finally Trestman gave Hawkins the role who now fills this position of a fellow with excessive speed to receive and, do the end around play. Too bad about him missing the Grey Cup game but, this fellow will shine in 2010. I thought Eric Wilson has really stood out in the final games of this year. He had been a fill in at both offensive and defensive tackle but has blossomed on the defensive line. Luc Brodeur-Jourdain- a 6 th round draft choice now is a regular on the offensive line. Ramon Guzman is a rookie who can fill any linebacker position- he should continue next year as a defense demon. Finally hats off to all others on the defensive line who played outstanding in 09.

Good post, hassall, and I agree with all your points.

Wilson is a true unsung hero in my book. He doesn't get the glory or the stats, because he's always facing a double team, but he plays smash-mouth football in the trenches and opens up the gaps for the other linemen. He blocks in short-yardage situations and has even caught a TD pass as a tight end! I don't think it's a coincidence that the only game in which we got torched on the ground (the B.C. loss) was a game he missed.

Bratton is proving me wrong. I couldn't figure out why the staff kept him in the rotation instead of S.J. Green, but Bratton has showed he's got sneaky-good speed and underrated hands. His second TD catch on Sunday was just robbery.

Guzman and Brodeur-Jourdain would be starters on any other team with less quality depth across the board.

Yes, Bratton has developed quite nicely indeed. . . I wonder if SJ Green will dress for the Grey Cup in place of Hawkins?

Does anyone know what was up with Chris Leak after the game on Sunday? While the team was on the stage with the trophy, he was out on the field, on one knee by himself. . .

The Chris Leak incident is being discussed on the Tiger Cat forum seem to have a lot of people wondering what that was about :? :?

I dont see what the issue is.
I noticed it at the game and figured he had his reasons. Prob personal ones at that