Will Women Ever Get To Play in the CFL?

If a woman is skilled enough and able to play the game with no special rules, go for it.

I agree with you 100%. We just need coaches who are ready to take women to their team. Having women playing in the CFL would be even bigger than having a CFL video game

Before that, women need to be playing at a HIGH level in a legitimate., competitive league ... if not, the coach will never have the decision to make.

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It’s not even close to happening any time soon. It’s a fantasy. There are thousands of young men playing football trying to get to the professional level,
and how many women compete on the same level? I have no idea. Ten? Sixty? Two hundred? I’m not against it. It’s just a silly fantasy to think it’s possible right now. If women want to play football, that’s awesome. They just aren’t enough,
to have any sort of talent pool whatsoever.

That’s precisely what I’ve said about Canadian QBs - - until there’s a large number of them starting and performing at a high level in the NCAA, there’s ZERO chance of a Canadian QB being a competent started at the pro level.

It has nothing to do with “wiling.”
It has nothing to do with video games.
I might catch hellfire for this, but women would get destroyed playing against men in professional football. It would be irresponsible and very harmful. I’m sorry, but anyone who doesn’t understand this is jaded.


This reminds me of how it is with Police. In their efforts to diversify and have more women and minorities, they had dropped the bar so low that we now have both male and female shrimp cops. If you physically qualified, then ok, but for football this would be tough to do. I am sure there are a women in the world tough enough to play but not a lot and how many of them want to.

I got roasted here for daring to suggest that Canada women soccer team could play well against the Canadian men.

A little perspective... ( and possibly fuelling the fire ) The U.S. Women’s soccer team lost handily to a team of 15 year old high-school boys. I follow some women’s sports like golf and hockey, and support it. I’m not a big fan of the notion that men’s sports has to be inclusive to women. It’s not reality based.
It’s politically based.

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up until recently, I wasnt sure that the Canadian mens team could beat a usa team of 15 yr old boys.

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That’s an entirely different, and unfortunate story. Our national ladies team on the other hand, was my favourite sports story of the year. I was a proud Canuck that day.

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NO! A woman in a full grown man's football league would be ridiculous and dangerous. Look at the injuries without them as it is. Not even as a kicker.
Look at the issues of Trans women competing in woman's sport. They're dominating them. In MMA , a trans woman cracked the skull of a woman. It was a disgusting thing to see. It'd be worse in a football game with full testosterone males. Gender equality and inclusion, sure !! but add some common sense to that.


Unless of course the woman was Xena

I don't know if we'll ever see a woman skilled enough to play in the CFL (but don't discount the possibility), but there are at least two now playing in high-level amateur leagues.

SFU's Kristie Elliot

Saskatoon Hilltop's Emmarae Dale

And soon Football Canada will be hosting a conference on women and girls in football.

Hopefully these are early signs of better things to come for Canadian women in football.

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Why ? Just start their own all female league, I would have to say that is the answer.

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…not if they’re in it for decent $…look at what women’s leagues make versus men’s leagues…

I'm pretty sure she would be welcome in Winnipeg right now.....

No one would go. Unless they made it a degrading and stupid spectacle....
Even then no one would go. There’s no money in it. Unless you’re talking about a non professional league. Then yeah, if there’s enough women who want to play, they should go for it. Nothing’s stopping them....except maybe a lack of women who want to play?

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We're a hockey crazed nation, the talent depth for female hockey players is plentiful. Football? Not so much. Ladies hockey is starting to gain steam outside of the Olympics and worlds

Sorry ladies it just won't happen

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True. I'd almost think you'd have to have incentives to have women who are into in crossfit, strength sports, etc, to get them trying football. In fact, there's probably more women teams in Canada who play rugby right now.

We even have a national women's rugby team and they got Bronze at the 2016 Olympics. They didn't do so well at the Tokyo Olympics though.