Will Winnipeg win 8 or more games in 2010

Will Winnipeg win 8 or more games

Free agents do not want sign with bombers according Free Press. Circus atmoshere. loss of players NFL, old and tired Board of directors, and no leadership paint a sad story. Lucky to win 5 games. :oops: :oops:

...a little premature to ask this IMO, without a head coach and GM in place I'd have to answer 'no, they will not win eight or more games'...but let's see who they install in those positions first before passing opinions...

Whats so bad in Winnipeg they were a few pieces away last year from being true contenders and i think those pieces were QB and offensive coordinator so if we get those i think we'll be just fine.

I don't see the Circus at all... If Kelly and everything was staying the same then i'd agree but its looking to be a sub-par season and i think 8 wins is very managable.

I just don't see how we can't pull it off we play about 7 games against weaker/same level teams in Hamilton and Toronto so its very manageable ( How i got 7 was because we play each team 3x, plus an extra every year and we got montreal 4x last season so its between those 2 this year)

For the record, Hamilton is a better team at the moment.Toronto won't be much of a problem though.I see Winnipeg getting 6 wins this year, Toronto with 2 or less and Hamilton with 10 or more.

That's your opinion.

I don't know about that... Hamilton did take the series 2-1, and that included a humiliating 39-17 drubbing in the season finale. :wink:

yes as it stands right now its the same team that got humilated but that team had a terrible offense due in large part to the coach who is now gone mike kelly and i strongly believe any offence is a better offence than last year and if we get a competent QB that humilation won't happen as i remember the ti-cat defence scored 14+ pts.

Hamilton just signed there QB's to nice contracts wanna ask us about Glenn when we rewarded him with a large sum of money the next season he took a GC contending team to a team that barely squeaked into the playoffs.

I can see us pulling off 10 wins and even more so if we get the luck of playing T.O. 4 times than if we take the series between Ham 2-1 thats 6 wins i can see us splitting season series between EDM and BC so thats 8 and we might be able to split Sask (win banjo bowl) and CGY we seem to split most years so thats 10

A Bomber team with good talent but a lousy offensive scheme. With the same players and a different offensive scheme things may have been quite different. At least the Bombers didn't lose 2 games to the Argos like the Ticats did. :wink:

Who's gonna throw the ball in the Peg? If its Bishop you will be luck to win 7. No coach, no OC, no QB and Prez = no chance

It's too bad speculation doesn't count in the standings. :smiley:

This poll could have used a don't know option... because nobody really knows, you might as well started a thread on the 2010 standings right after the Grey Cup game last November.

The part about not losing twice to the Argos like the Ticats did was fact though, not speculation. You gotta give me that one. :wink:

I'm not saying Hamilton's better just because of a random hunch or bias.

Here are my reasons.

Talent on both rosters are currently about even.
Talent in Front office and coaching staff, extremely in Hamilton's favour.Winnipeg has yet to fill major positions.
Most FA's want to avoid Toronto and Winnipeg like the plague.Obie has some sweet negotiating skills and landed some big FA's last off-season.
Hamilton won the series 2-1 against the Bomber's last season with the current rosters.Hamilton is likely to land the bigger names and has easier positions of need to fill.(Hamilton needs roughly 2 good DB's Hamilton will likely pursue Byron Parker, James Johnson,etc. and 1 or 2 good KR's Hamilton will either try to pursue Dorsey or try the States again, Winnipeg needs a QB the hardest position to fill in the CFL,a Head coach very hard to find a good coach, a GM also difficult to find a guy who doesn't want an entire roster turnover. AGAIN,etc.
Hamilton is losing fewer guys to the NFL, Currently Hamilton has lost just Bo Smith who sucked anyways, and is at risk of losing Geoff Tisdale and Markeith Knowlton.Knowlton only plans to leave if he will get a chance to play in the NFL, he already stated he won't sign to be a TC junkie.The Bomber's have lost Jonathon Heffney, Derrick Doggett, Dudley Guice Jr. so far and are at risk of losing more.

I like the Bomber's again as my second team (now that Kelly is fired), but let's face facts here.Hamilton is looking to have the better shot going into 2010.But facts mean nothing in the CFL as it is the most unpredictable american football league out there.

Exactly what proof do you have of that? I seem to recall that both the Argos and the Bombers signed a few FAs last season and the Bombers signed most of the potential FAs they wanted to extensions. IIRC the only 2 players they lost that they wanted to re-sign left because they wanted to play closer to home.

All of your reasons are your opinion. Doesn’t make it fact.

I believe that the Bombers will do well. 8-10 is possible in the CFL for anyone (even TO). Really, the only team that is consistently good, week-in and week-out over the last decade is the Als. Even great and dominant LIons teams looked bad in the home stretch (arguably when the games didn’t mean as much). The one thing about the CFL that makes it interesting every week is the high degree of parity throughout. Since any team can beat any other on any given week, and 8 win season is possible. I think 10-8 is the outside limit for this team (and that would be good for some in 'peg given this past year).

bombers were 7-11
ticats were 8-10

But 2009 is 2009 and 2010 is 2010… who knows what happens

maybe calvillo in montreal goes down to an injury

maybe glenn reverts back to his old self.

who’s to say what happens.

i think theres alot of ignorance on this form and considering the ticats were the cfl doormats for 5 years, u ticat fans should really come back down to reality.

Ill say this, the bombers arent as bad as everyone seems to want to think. bombers get a qb who doesnt throw more ints than td’s and who knows… that 7-11 could easily be reversed.