Will Winnipeg or Saskatchewan ever win the Grey Cup?

Well I love the CFL and want to see everyone equally spread on the Grey Cup. My dream for the CFL right now is to see Winnipeg and Saskatchewan win the Grey Cup in the next 2 years. Going back to 99 when Hamilton won we can say the winners are.

99 Hamilton
00 BC
01 Calgary
02 Montreal
03 Edmonton
04 Toronto

As you can see it has been a different winner every year since 99. On the other hand it's been 15 and 16 years since either Winnipeg or Sask has won and we are good people and deserve it as much as anyone else, but now it is apparent that we yet again have to wait until next year. That being said, please Ottawa win the Grey Cup this year and keep the trend alive if we don't make the playoffs!!! If Ottawa wins this year maybe next year Sask can win if they don't have the injuries they had to suffer this year and Winnipeg will be rebuilt for 07. That being said, I now put my Renegades cap on and proceed to say Go Go Ottawa Renegades!

Droughts ...

Ottawa hasn't won since '76 (28 years so far ... )
Saskabush, since '89 (15 years)
Winterpeg, since '90 (14 years)

2002 was Montreal's first Cup since 1977 (25 years). I believe the longest wait between Cups in CFL history was 31 years, for the Argos between '52 and '83 ... granted, they never lost their team in between!

Here's hoping the Renegades win it this year ... the team that last hosted the Grey Cup seems to be pretty successful, unless it's Regina :wink: Vancouver hosted '99, Calgary '00, Montreal '01, Edmonton '02 ... Hey, it's possible!

The Renegades are the team I'd like to see win it if the Esks fall short.

The Renegades are the team I'd like to see win the Grey Cup if the Bombers have a pulse to make it to the play-offs and have a chance this season but come next season, oh we better get the Grey Cup..wait I mean make the play-offs. Still can kinda happen this year...I still believe in my Bombers and you can't hate me for that. GO BOMBERS!

This forum is makeing me fall a sleep.
Can anyone come up with better posts.
At least when I bashed the riders it was fun.
Anyone think riders will ever win again?
Will Kieth run for another yard in the CFL?
I wish Turd,Turkey,Big Dave would give their knowledge to this forum.
At least they have facts.You learn lots drom them.O.K. maybe not Turkey.
However Turkey and Redandwhite make things fun around here!!!

You know what they say................it is not the party that is good, it is the people at the party.

The people that you mention , post here often.Big game tonight.

What are your great ideas?

I thin Argos will win!!
Argos 33,Als 27!!!
All I know is that it will be a great game.
Bishop better get his act together.This is his chance to prove me wrong.
Can he win the big games.
Avery will be taken out for the season.Philon will do it.
That doesn’t bother me.Avery is to over paid.
I call it like I see it.

Winnipeg should catch the Riders in the standings soon.....as far as Grey CUPS go I think you better go a little further back in time you'll see the Bombers have won more than Lions....Calgary.....Regina......Ottawa......Montreal........let's see ....that's about 3/4 of the league....go get all the facts.....before you start fretting over the Bombers Grey CUP production.....

Not bashing the bombers or anything.However I think the Argos have their most Grey cup wins over the Bombers.
Correct me if I am wrong!!!
Anyways I coulsd say Argos have more cups than anyone.It gets kind of old after a while!!!!

yeah I agree TO. has more cups.....as you see I didn't include them in the list because I know they have won more....alot of people would be surprised at how many cups WPG. has really won over the years....pretty successful franchise but granted..... not of late.....

just hoping!

Since 1946

EDMONTON 21 12 9 494 508Â
HAMILTON 18 8 10 410 426Â
WINNIPEG 16 7 9 320 326
OTTAWA 9 6 3 179 157
CALGARY 11 5 6 221 251
MONTREAL 13 5 8 286 272
BC 8 4 4 192 185
SASK 8 2 6 151 211

For all tiime winns go here

[url=http://www.geocities.com/cflhistory/Grey_Cup/numbers.html]http://www.geocities.com/cflhistory/Gre ... mbers.html[/url]

what happened to TO.....they must have been in another league.. or ......oh I know ....another universe ( center of)...

Winnipeg will win the Cup again someday, Saskatchewan? who knows? the curse countunies!

You are abandoning the Riders? I thought you Rider fans were the so called, self imposed "best fans in the league"? I would agree your team has be decimated by injuries, but it's still your team isn't it?


Bashing teams and posters is the only thing that keeps you awake in here?
As far as better posts go, why not try leading by example?