will we win before the end of season?

if so, against who?. if we do it i don't think it'll be in the rodgers center and making that one win at home. think i'll probably be leaving my seat early again :?

i can’t see them winning before the end fo the season…no run game, no pass game, and no run defence.

i don't know if you could say we can't do anything. there are are games when we perform well in areas but it's mute because we messed up something else big time. like when we played calgary in toronto i was getting excited because they defence came out firing against arguably the best offence in the league but they got tired because we couldn't do anything with the ball when we had it.

i would like to say we have improved over the last two weeks but it seems when one area, either o,d or sp, improves another one gets worse and we just make stupid fundamental mistakes.

you can't coach guys to not drop the ball

The argos can do some things…Joseph was actually pretty efficient last night…and i do like the argos pass defence…but the run defence has been last in the league since week 2

I told Mike Hogan on the Bullpen 3 weeks ago that it is conceiveable the Argos may not win the rest of the year...the only chance they have is to meet a team that plays uninspired football because it has a playoff spot locked up..

if they beat anyone my money is on the next BC game

Yes, and it'll be against the Riders. :cowboy:

Unfortunately, I just don't see it. You guys have Montreal, @B.C., and then Saskatchewan. I could definitely see you guys going 4-14, and possibly finishing in the cellar if Hamilton manages to win at least one more.