Will we win another game ????

8) After watching last nights disaster, one has to ask the question, will we even win another game this year ??? I saw nothing to even get encouraged about, much less to be optimistic about for the remaining games of this season !! The same old problems game in and game out. Penalties, terrible play calling, lack of preparation, poor quarterbacking, players bitching openly on the bench and a total lack of diciplin !!!

When you have to call your time out on the first series of the second half, it indicates that any half time change of plans or adjustments are virtually non existent, or those adjustments are not being understood by the players.

We either have a large group of players that have been largely overrated by the coaching staff, or this coaching staff itself is very overrated !!!!

It all adds up to another wasted year for us frustrated fans and for football in Hamilton !!!

answer: NO

Next Mon the Argos will get there ass kicked.
It is our job to SELLOUT and finally beat the double blue ITS HAMMER TIME :rockin: :thup: just beat the argos back to back and I will have a smile on my face for a week GO CATS GO!!

I wish I could share your optimism, but Mike Bishop is chomping at the bit to come back and play. He is going to light it up against us.

When Montreal threw a 3 man d-line at us we couldn't protect worth a hill of beans. Toronto plays this style full time.

After yesterday I can't see how either game against Toronto coming up we have a chance.



No we won't win another game. Line can't block, we can't pressure other quarterbacks, and qb can't put the ball in the endzone. Anyone of these things is a problem, all three........see you next year where we hope to win 5 games as we rebuild yet again.

I wish I could share your positive attitude.

The Argos have the best blitz krig QB killing defence in the CFL!!!

Ya, we can beat them ,maybe on turnovers and better play by our DB's & OL....and....and....

If the Cats won back to back, wouldn’t you have a smile on your face for at least 2 weeks? :wink:

I see the Cats winning one, maybe two more games this season against injury-ridden teams who are already looking ahead to the playoffs. Depressing, but that’s the reality.

As an Als fan, you’d think I’d be loving this Hamilton slide, but I’m not, because in an 8-team league, there is no way one team should be this consistently poor for five or more years. It hurts our league’s credibility for Hamilton to be in this state.

I hate to say it but the Cats may be hard pressed to equal last season's 4-14 record. Wins are harder to come by in the second half of the season when the playoffs are at stake and the teams have settled rosters and are firing on all cylinders.

At this point, I'd settle for a competitive team. Last night was a non-effort from the Cats. Embarassing.

An Argo-Cat fan

My guess is that the Cats will win one of the games against Toronto, but aside from that it looks like the chances of winning other games are slim if Chang is not started.

Chang no Chang The argos will kill us
i'm afraid. It will not be a pleasent
site. The only hope is that it will rain
hard and passes will be hard to catch and
we win with our running game.