Ok, so we have Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, Saskatchewan back to back, BC and Edmonton. Realistically, how many wins can we get? Maybe Montreal (unless MAAS starts) and maybe Edmonton. I know it does not matter at this point, but if I go to another game or watch one, I'd like to at least see us compete. Thoughts?

no more wins this year

I hope they surprise me, but I think we will win 2 more games, and quite frankly given the right circumstances I still think this team could beat anyone.

If we can get Casey caught up, get Lumsden back, and find at least one more DB, we will start to compete again.

Right now we don't look like we can beat anyone. We got whipped by the Argos, and they are the 2nd worst team in the league. Our biggest problem is simply we can't complete passes, and we can't stop teams from completing passes. When the weather gets cold, passes will become more difficult to come by, and if anything that may help us.

Some of the rookies will start to settle down and play better later in the season. This team still needs to play better as a unit. Right now I see some good individuals and some bad individuals. We need to see a team, not individuals if we want to win.


Right now the CFL has 2 1/2 levels. The top level has everyone except the Cats and the Argos.
Any team can beat another and there seems to be some relative parity.

The Argos - with a decent QB showing - can get by on their 'D' and play even with any of the rest of the kids.

The 'Cats are like somebody's little brother who stands on the sidelines and hopes to get picked by somebody... anybody... just to be able to play. Some day he'll grow up.

Call me crazy but I have a very strange feeling that we will beat Calgary this week.

Crazy. :slight_smile:


TICATS 3:15 is the only way out of the Curse.

Unless the Caretaker gives in and releases the Forbidden Chant onto the masses.

Cross your fingers.

I guess I asked for it :slight_smile:

You guys forget too quickly… last year in our 2 games vs them we won 1 and almost won the other. Calgary is pretty much the same team this year but we are not.

We will know on friday :slight_smile:

Pretty much sums it up. I'd say 2 more wins this year. I figure the Cats are bound to catch at least two teams when they're having off days.

An Argo-Cat fan

I say 1 more win but only by accident.


It makes no difference if we win another game this year. The fact is the teams in the east play lousey football, How come the West always produce new players and exciting games.

Going to a cats game is a waste of money. There is little entertainment value in seeing the team get blown away and make the same mistakes game in game out. They showed promise for a brief flash during the season but since then the whole attitude of the team and the coaches is bad.

we will beat Calgary this week, lumsden is back so that will put the defence on their heels and give casey some time to throw also armstead is back so we should start some drives with decent feild position. Also I had a dream that I was there and we won, and I am never wrong......... although there was me and my buddy in the stands drinking beer and every other fan was a hot naked chick so maybe I will be wrong but man I hope not :wink:


LMAO!! Well done. Apart from the naked chick part and the you never being wrong part, I agree with you. :smiley: :wink:

Hilarious post!! Nice job.

Ohh, and my opinion is no...no more winning this year. We've had all the winning we can handle. Maybe next year we can get 5 or 6. Wouldn't that be just awesome!

Realistically.....one win at the end of the season. But even if there are no wins..I wouldn't feel so as as long as there is a big improvement before season's end.

maybe 6 outa of 8 the standing could be 7-10

although there was me and my buddy in the stands drinking beer and every other fan was a hot naked chick so maybe I will be wrong but man I hope not
See you there Buddy. :D

I say we go undefeated for the rest of the season. It's just entertainment boy and girls, and I always cheer for the underdog, it's just more fun that way. Besides, I still have my All Blacks who are about to win the Rugby World Cup.

Go Cats...Go All Blacks (all very entertaining either way)

i sure hope so because the fans are calling for the heads of every player & every coach so I am hoping one win just to stop the bleeding