Will we see Troy in the playoff's?

Will we see westwood in the playoff's?

For the sake of the Bombers I hope the game does not come down to a matter of kicking games because they will be screwed. Westwood will likely be on the team, but it will cost them if they have to rely on him.

It really is a shame how this situation has developed. Watching him kick last night seem to show Mr. Time had caught up to him. After 17 years of service I can only hope he goes out in style.

You are right BigU, let's hope we only need to kick converts. Might be the game where gambling on third down could be a viable option.

I think his chance to go out in style was about 3 years ago. Bombers should just gamble on 3rd outside the 35.

I can’t understand how Berry and Taman didn’t bite the bullet and bring some American kickers to camp. Everyone knew Westwood was done. There is NO way for Winnipeg to win the Grey Cup without a kicker. It will come in to play at some point in the next month. Really too bad because the rest of the team is competitive.

...this has been a sore spot all year...along with the poor play on punt returns...and a very suspect secondary....taking all of these things into consideration...these areas probably cost the Bombers first place in the end....Glenn has started to play like Troy, very inconsistent and all of this COULD lead to an early exit in the play-offs...Why there was no adjustments made to the obvious weak spots on this team earlier....i guess only the coaches can answer that one.. :thdn:

Bomber fans have stated for 3 years Lonhair is done, he has a problem kicking field goals from 30 yards plus. I Stopped complaining about him, when I finally understood, he actually makes these long yardage kicks in practice....when it comes to a game, he's horrible. ...GET RID OF HIM...HE"S DONE.

Surely Westwood has known he's been done for a while, but just refuses to hang them up. Sorta reminds me of Damon Allen in that respect.

I respect the athletes that go out on their own terms and know when their time is done.

i think at this point we have to play westwood in the playoffs. just think this new american has no playing time up here and will be expected of alot in the heat of the game. the crowd will also not hesitate to show their emotion.

I say westwood put up 2 ok looking kicks from behine 40, and had the distance from 49 to the point that aaron would of had the same outcome. it was a hard wind coming off the west side gradnstand and pulled the ball across. I say play westwood he will kick better in the rogers centre. i am more worried bout how our offence can't seem to catch a football and end a game.

Where is Pikula? Injured?

You guys have been complaining about Westwood for years. Can't beleive he is still there!

Kellett is in town. If he looks good in practice he starts.

Taman should be figuring who he needs to trade to get the top Canadian College Kicker and Punter in camp for next year because its obvious there's nobody out there now that can beat out Troy and that aint saying much.

Fleming seems to be doing an ok job which is one plus. I remember the 2000 playoffs against Montreal when Cameron got hurt and some genius decided Westwood could handle the punting and he had a horrible game and that was pretty much what cost us that one not to mention the 2001 Grey Cup. It's nice that he performs so well in practice though :thdn:

Berry announced tonight, he is going with Troy in the ESF.

I think that troys kicking has been just as negative as the coach has been towards kicking all year. Since Training camp the coach had no confidence in his kicking… how can a kicker be confident if the coach is so negative. Last week when Noel Prefontaine missed 3 fg’s against the bombers you didnt see pinball screaming yelling on the sidlines telling his GM to bring in new kickers… Pinball just went to him and tried to pick him back up… That is what a good coach does. I hope troy does well this post season especially with all the criticism he has been getting. Again how can a kicker be confident when the coach, media, fans, etc are all negative… We need to be positive.

Prefontaine has been missing because he's playing with a serious brain injury. Troy misses because he's a choker

Prefontaine had a concussion in week 2 vs BC he missed his FGs in week 17.... I think Noel was 110%. You are just a negative person towards Troy.... I guess Pikula has a serious brain injury then because he was concussed 4 weeks ago vs Hamilton, and thats why he had a bad game.

Prefontaine is still having concussion symptoms right now from a week 2 injury I’d say he’s not 110%. I’d much rather see Pikula in there but Berry hates him even more than Westwood I have much more confidence in Pikula’s ability to make a clutch field goal than Chokey Troy.

Well lets say this, Every one loves the man when he is hot and wants him hung when he is cold. don't get me wrong to me his time is up but i do think he has a little more gas in the tank yet to finish off this year with a grey cup win.
most of the trouble comes from our coach who has no faith in the players he wanted on this team, and if you look back to the days berry was coaching not as a head coach how many grey cups did those teams win.
all i hope is that we can pull together and win the remaining games and have Milt and Troy( like him or not ) both go out as grey cup champs. :cowboy: