Will we see more flags?

I can't help but wonder how the refs from the Sask/Argo game felt after the league imposed such harsh suspensions and fines for the apparent serious and dirty hits. After all, not a single flag was thrown for either of the instances. I think the officials are going to really start feeling like big brother (not to mention the CIA) are watching. With this in mind, we'll probably start seeing more flags, cuz afer all it is a judgement call. And in a close call, it would look better throwing a flag than not.

On the other hand, the uproar over the league action may have actually helped the Riders. It's been a disappointing year so far, and the fans have been upset. This situation has caused fans to rally behind the team, and I think the team feels it. A local radio station is attempting to raise money for Schultz's fine (as a protest more than anyhing). There's been a lot of anger that has shifted from the team to the league officials. I've noticed a missing ingredient all year from the Riders, and I think it's unity and intensity. Hopefully this incident can bond these guys together. We'll see on saturday night if they can bind together against those pesky Stamps.

.....the underdog position, hmmmm?.......world-is-against-us card.....a safe one to play to get a team riled up....grasping, but a tactic nonetheless........

Rider fans feel picked on again. What else is new?

HAs any one noticed but Shivers has actually shut his yap! There is no spokes person for them anymore! Did the BOG duct tape his mouth? If I remember right you had us against the world before and it did not work!
More flags not for the riders but if you are the bombers I would bet they will get more after the display their coaches, players and fans showed no repsect for those brilliant refs. Yep Cats if you want to be dirty this is a good game to do it the refs will only be seeing the bombers. :lol:

is it true that the riders have ZZ on the negotiation list??

Heh I hadn’t even thought of that! Zidane would make the perfect replacement for Jurineack and Schultz.

Hey is that not schultz!

do ya think that the refs of the last rider game woulda thrown the flag on ZZ. One really has to wonder :slight_smile: