Will we see....another trade " in the works "

With the signing of Arland Bruce....I smell another trade coming.....
Chris Bauman and or David Ball...for a vet Middle Linebacker, or vet Defence Rush-end.
Obie....the master chess-player. :thup:
Things sure are looking great...for the Cats.


I'm not so sure you'll get what your looking for with those 2. Only reason we got Bruce for what we did is Toronto not wanting him anymore. So only way we get a vet for those 2 is the sameway the whole Bruce trade went down. Otherwise expect to give up much much much more.

This isnt hockey, im pretty sure the trading is now done for the year

If there is another trade id like it to be Tafralis to winnipeg for Bowman, after Bishop is thrown under the bus because of Kelly's ancienty offensive system.

And they will do this because Dunnigan loves adam and is probably telling kelly to trade for him, and imo there is nothing there worth developing with Adam and we can now pick up Williams to be our emergency third guy.

Disagree. From what little I've seem of Tafralis, I'd much rather have him over Richie Williams.

TAFRALIS is better than wuat you have now,porter looks great not :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I would never trade Tafralis for Williams. Richie was truly inept as he has shown over the last bunch of years. Panics in the pocket.

From what I’ve seen in Adam so far, I believe that he is the ideal third guy to develop.

Don’t mess with our QB’s!!!

imo there is nothing there worth developing with Adam and we can now pick up Williams to be our emergency third guy.

What are you basing that on? I though Adam looked solid when he was given the opportunity to play. Plus, I like seeing him in there on 3rd downs.

Bauman and Tafralis aren't going anywhere. The Argos wanted Bauman for Bruce, and Obie protected him. Tafralis is being groomed to be Porter's backup when the coahing staff thinks Porter is fully developed, and they can let Glenn go.

I think if there's any deal coming, it will involve Gagne-Marcoux.

wow.. :roll:

IF porter doe,s not get ball to---------- TROUBLE AND TAFRALIS IS A BETTER QB THAN PORTER,YOU WILL SEE :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey Clairet, please don`t create a " start Tafralis thread. :lol:

Porter hasn't looked good this year I agree maybe 6 or 7th starter in the league a head of lafores and durant outside that I'd put him as mediocre at best. Trade him no put Adam in no I say stay status quo for now it seems to be working maybe pick up a few nfl cuts to fill the holes come sept

Im basing it on what ive seen of him, he's just not accurate enough and he doesnt throw a tight enough spiral which would make him useless in bad weather games.

He played about three quarters in the season final last year and was absolutely brutal.

And im not saying trade him for williams, it's for Adrious Bowman who is one of the best young receivers in the cfl.

There is nothing worse than "Trade" threads!

Leave the trades up to the professionals.

If you want to play in fantasy land where you can trade 2 back-ups for a starter. Or any other "not ever gonna happen" trade scenario. Go plug in your Saga Genesis, pop in Madden football and have a blast.

He played about three quarters in the season final last year and was absolutely brutal.
From 2008, last game.
Rookie quarterback Adam Tafralis entered the game on the Ticats first possession of the second half after Casey Printers was forced to exit with an injury. The San Jose State product wasted no time, completing short passes to Cohen and Kenton Keith before hooking up with Prechae Rodriguez on a 29-yard gain which set up a six-yard touchdown toss to Keith

Another conceded safety by the Ticats and a Casey McGahee punt return touchdown put nine more points on the board for the Bombers before Tafralis found Chris Davis with a 24-yard touchdown pass with 42 seconds left to make the final 44-30 in Winnipeg’s favour.

Good game for Adam. I would like him to stay. I believe he has good potential and is a logical guy to have behind Porter. We need to look longer down the road for once.

Our Qbs are awesome and they are fine.If anything De end needs some support!

What your little article fails to mention are the numerous poor throws, the over throws, all the 2 and outs, the low overal passing yardage and low completion percentage for that game.

I would take Tafralis over Williams anyday, Williams got his chance last year and couldnt keep the job, while Tafralis has tons of potential, and apparently can play receiver :wink:

YOU really dont understand how good this kid is drex is a moron