Will we really suck "SERIOUSLY"!!!!

Our QB isn't our weakest point, Nealon has taken us to the playoffs 2 years in a row in 2002 and 2003 and likely would've done it in 2004 if he hadn't got injured. When Nealon was at the helm we had a better record than when Burris was QB.

I know but the other fans don't seem to realize it. They can see the facts right there in front of them but that just can't put two and two together. why should we be worried our record was worse last year then 2003. We went downhill last year, not uphill. Why can't you people figure this out.
We were in the western final in 2003 to. So how do you argue the facts.
You can't, you can only have hope that Burris will pan out.

You were two plays away from a Grey Cup game gentleman and that is as close as you will get.


Ladies and Gentelmen we have a fortune teller amongst us predicting the future and all it beholds...

Yes Jermey, I can see the gfutre and it is not good for the Riders.

Unfornunetly, your team doesn't even have a future!

We were 2 plays away from a Grey Cup game in 2003 too.

I do not about that you guys are the ones stating that if a cap is not in place the Riders won't be here. Now that is some future.

I bash the riders a lot, but in all honesty, this season is going to be a rough one for them and I kinda feel bad for them.

Next to nothing for acquisitions in the off season and loosing some of their better players.

At least they still have Kenton Keith.

Hopefully they will at least be on top of the Bombers.

Good luck Riders.

EE said: ...and loosing some of their better players.

What better players besides Burris? They chose not to invite Lawrence Deck back, Phil Gibson is not exactly a household name. He was decent, but not a starter. Ask anyone who watched the O line last year and they will likely say thanks to Thomas for going to the NFL. They have three ex NFLers competing for Thomas' spot. With Mavrin, Edwards and Gordon as Canadian DBs, and a new one drafted, Deck was expendable. The also drafted three Canadian D linemen to compete for Gibson's spot.
Thanks for the thought but I think you will find that expectations are high in Riderville again this year.
By the way Escimo32001, Greene won the longest throw competition held in Toronto recently, out distancing one, H. Burris, who came in second. Iknow, I know...his accuracy? Reading defences, etc? We will soon see...lets talk about it at the end of the season, when none of us will have to fely on our fortune telling skills (or lack thereof).
Have a nice day all forum members, as cfl fans you are the best of the best, regardless of team affiliation!

what you don't understand is that we did a lot of aquiring during the last half of last season. (Dominguez, Karston Bailey, Jurineack, Childress) who are all starters on any team. No they didn't do a lot of big signings but they did a lot of small acquisitions, on d-line, o-line, reciever. Teams win with depth and role players, not on one or two all stars. And since Sask has great depth in almost all positions, some of the best role players in the league, plus a few all stars, We're laughing.

...and that is why they are called die-hard fans=REAL FANS. Two grey cups is better that none. Unlike some people, I feel for their frustration.