Will we really suck "SERIOUSLY"!!!!

Dear fans of the eskimos?
Your team will suck seriously all season long no playoffs.
Ricky Ray will get sacked everyday that you wont even have a quarterback
your coach even sucks there is no one even good on your team.

Will we really. "SERIOUSLY"!!!! your the Dumbest rider yet

Ricky does not play for us anymore. I guess we still have rights to him, thats if he comes back but i do not think he will even if he does. Hugh would probably try to get a trade besides We already have 2 good QB and the riders have. WHAT NONE HAHA Nylon give me a break the guy could never throw that good and is getting to old to run with all his bandages.

Put the banjo down. at least if your going to bash a team have a reason or something to base it on other than your good grammar.

good one benji

ya...who posted that again? that was worse than mine when im just angry and babblin about nothin, and those dont make any sense.

2 good quarterbacks? lets comapre our records at the end of the season…

Ya you are right 2 good QB’s Nealon or Crandell ha ha ha ha

We already have 2 good QB and the riders have none.
As far as the Eskimos go I can only think of 1 half decent QB in Jason Maas who really isn't anything special. If you ask me you should put your punter in at QB next year since that fake punt in the playoffs last year went over so well.

greene and crandall are unstoppable…greene can run like vick, and he CAN THROW, and teams have to worry about his speed and throwing, OH THEN WE GOT KK EXPLODING, the SZARKATRAIN, our O LINE, and oh dominguez, moore, grant, richardson, thurmon, richardson, HOLMES, bailey…defenses…WATCH OUT its OVERRRR AHAHAHAHAHAHH



ah security? can you check to see what is in his slushie................

Greene and Crandell are unstoppable? You really should get out more and stop believing everything Motor Mouth Shivers quotes as being the gospel truth. After all, Shivers is only in year six of his original three year plan :roll:

Two Grey Cup Championships in over fifty years of Rider history....... now there's a real success story . :lol:

I almost hate to correct you here...but it's been more like 2 Grey Cups in 100 years :oops:

wow it has been a long time. Many of the posters on here for the Riders were probably in diapers. But if it came down to the Riders in a GC game I would cheer them on. I hope to live that long.

we are going to have crandell throwing strike's to big 88 the whole second half of the season mark my word's

strikes? as in 1, 2, 3 yer out? 'cause that's what your gonna get from Marcus..................

Or two yard strikes into the ground. yep throws like a lightning bolt right into the ground!

Man, I remember back in 2000 when Nealon and Marcus were the Esks QBs. That was a pretty tough season.

I feel pain for you Rider fans who always have your preseason expectations dashed year after year.

Greene can thorw, where'd read this the National Inquirer, you know thats a joke magazine right? and to clear it up, there are NO dinosaurs in Iraq..

I tried to read the above a few times, stillnot too sure what you are saying. You trying out some new meds, cause if you are I am sure I can perscribe something that will make the thoughts a little more clear.
Ye snealon can throw, he has a very good arm, its his accuracy on the long balls and sideline throws that he has had trouble with. he seems to like to throw them at peoples feet on those outs, and long on the bombs. But he has worked on that and in that one quarter in TO he was very accurate.

ah i was gonna go further but i am getting kicked off. talk to you all in a week or so

just remember the Riders will be very good

Go Riders Go
I bleed Green

Good one I like this! Got to buy this issue! You forgot the headliner the Riders win another cup!

The sad thing is, the Riders last year didn't look all that bad. But this off season has been a disaster. The team will definitly finish in the basement this year.

Well I would not say that just yet but I can tell you they should have improved and I have not seen that. Their QB situation is where I think is the weakest point. No QB no offense IMO