Will we make use of the Wildcat?

I am interested to see if we run any "wildcat" vs the Argos.

I am interested to see who will be the guy taking the snap. Not too sure who has an arm to throw but I think it will throw a wrinkle into our offense.

Actually, most of the NFL games I have seen where the Wildcat formations were used involved a running back lining up behind centre and either running the ball himself or handing off. This was the case with Brown and Williams in the Dolphins game against the Pats. Only a few plays that I saw involved a pass or some type of trick play. So, maybe Tre Smith lined up in the shotgun.

The Argo coaches were asked what waas the biggest difference between CFL and NFL rules.

What they mentioned was the ability to kick on any down.....

Quick kick from a wildcat formation?

Oskee wee wee (and see you at the game)

8) Don't think I have seen the TiCats do a quick kick, since the master of that play, Joe Zuger used to perform it on a regular basis !!!
  Nobody was better at it than good old Joe either  !!!

It could work with a guy like Porter. He is pretty quick and agile. He shows good hands in the shotgun so I bet he could catch well enough.

I bet the blue team uses wildcat at least once tonight. Its the kind of thing a guy with all american experience would love up here. As I remember it wildcat started in the NCAA back in the early 70's then made its way to the NFL a few years later.

Are you kidding me???

Dave Beckman...our worst ever head coach, used the quick kick every game...sometimes twice. He was brutal.

I'd like to see it when and if we ever need it AND the other team isn't expecting it. I certainly don't want to see it all the time.

I'm hoping for a little imagination in the playbook this year.

And the answer is: NO. LOL

The playcalling is suspect given the spread approach the team utilizes. There isn't enough protection for Porter at this stage of his career to consistently hit open receivers because:

  1. not enough separation on a regular basis;

  2. collapsing pocket with no backfield blocker on a regular basis;

  3. no fear installation in the other team from misdirection, trickery, etc., so you get the same old kakapoopoo from quarter to quarter, half to half, game to game;

  4. there isn't a bunch formation or motion approach which causes rubs, picks, or other disruption of opposing pass coverages on a sufficient basis -- I can accept a spread offensive approach when that M.O. is a feature. WE DO NOT CONFUSE ANYONE...EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!*

  • Slight exaggeration, but slight.

Next week, it looks like Cobb will be in at first blush. Wouldn't it be nice to see him line up in the wildcat at least once next game? Just for the thrill of thinking out of the litter box.

Oski Wee Wee,

The wildcat might work if you don't tell Hage....maybe if he thinks the QB is behind him, the snap will find one of the backs....somewhere...maybe...

It seems to me that each time we hire a new Offensive Co-ordinator...they are mandated by an Old Ralph Sazio mantra that they have to use the Tiger Cat Playbook.

Co-ordinator after co-ordinator after co-ordinator this offence looks the same as the year before.

Like you say Russ, no misdirection, razzamatazz or for that matter...no throws longer than 10 yards.

Look Hendy, I am no coach, although i do a pretty good job at Maddening. LOL That being said, I have an appreciation of what a good team does to be successful. It doesn't matter if you run the Wing-T, the wishbone, or the run-and-shoot FFS: all teams that have success get their opponents on their heels. In lieu of clockwork execution, a team has to find ways to confuse the opponent on both sides of the ball. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats do not do this. It is the team that looks confused. Too often.

Sazio's teams EXECUTED. Pretty much for sixty minutes at their best. The genius of the man was that he got the team to buy into the systems he helped install on both sides of the ball. Can Marcel? It's early, but the playcalling/design of what they are trying to do makes it look doubtful. It's clear that the oversimplicity of a spread offense is a recipe for disaster.

Oski Wee Wee,

8) Do you actually know what a quick kick is ????
  Well I hope you were happy with all that imagination in our playbook tonight  !!!!!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->
  Well I hope you were happy with all that imagination in our playbook tonight  !!!!!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->


Sure looked like the same old Bellefeuille playbook to me.

Run on first down most of the time.
Short-passing game, no attempt to stretch the D vertically.
No misdirection, easy to read.
Plays take too long to develop.
O-line gives up 6 sacks.