Will we have a home playoff game?

...I dunno, it will be close...my prediction on how the tied teams go from here:

Calgary: win-win-loss-win
BC: win-loss-win-win
Edmonton: loss-win-loss-win

...BC gets the western final, we host the Esks in the semi...but one game, one measly game, could keep us out of a home stand

1 - Edmonton…I think I’ll Have A Cigar - Pink Floyd :cowboy:
2 - Calgary
3 - Lions

...such is the nature of predictions, any combo could be justifiably arguable...

As long as the Lions are beaten at McMahon Or Commonwealth…in their park is even better :rockin:

  1. BC.
  2. Calgary.
  3. Edmonton.

If teams continue current form, BC and Calgary should be playoff hosts. Looking ahead, Edmonton has the best chance of losing a game in which Edmonton is expected to win.

I agree, the game against B.C. in Vancouver is the big one as is Winnipeg at home I suppose…will be interesting for sure.

if the stamps beat edmonton next week and the lions lose to the riders the stamps and lions will be tied with the stamps having a better divisional record. how did the lions clinch the division already?

I believe it is because they beat us in the series … They won three games and we have won 1. So our record against them is not as good as theirs against us. If we are tied, they win because they beat us more often during the regular season.