Will we have a home playoff game? No

...no, this team is pretty terrible actually...

to get a playoff game, both either Edmonton Or BC would have to loose all the games left, and Calgary win all the games left.

It aint over til it's over.

It's possible for any of the 3 west teams to finish anywhere between first and third depending on who wins and who loses. Calgary winning and both Edmonchuck and BC losing, means Stamps are in first. If one of them wins and the other loses (and Calgary wins), then Stamps in second. If both 'Smoes and Leos win then Calgary in third no matter if Stamps win or not. A bit of a long shot to finish first, but not too much of a long shot, for Stamps to get first, but second is more likely. Even if Stamps finish third, they're starting to get on a winning roll right before the play offs, if they keep the hot streak going (kinda like Edmonchuck did in '05) on through the play offs, they still stand a good chance of being in the GC.