Will we go 0 and 18 ?

We have to evaluate the entire organization from top down. Austin is making alot of money on a multiple year contract so he has to be the guy.
We need to look at all the film of the 7 games and make some tough decisions. We tend to have players on our team that were dumped from other teams or are new to the cfl.
The offensive and defensive co-ordinators are doing a poor jon and lolley and june jones are not the answer. A veteran DC like Rich Stubler with CFL past success is needed. Same goes for the OC.
Patasik as OC is overmatched . The play calling has been brutal.
Our next biggest problems is the offensive line play . I have been watching closely and I think Mike Filer is one guy that either doesn't block anyone or misses blocks. I think we need a new Center.
Our offensive Guards have been praised in the past but Revenberg is not far removed from being a rookie and Bomden I think is over rated. Our Offensive tackles all have been poor thus far including vets like Fulton and players new to the CFL.
We need to call plays that accounts for the poor offensive line. Getting Collaros to get on the run and more draw plays and screen plays. Gable had 2 screen passes this week and they both worked ok.
We might not win a game this year so we should have a few good Canadians to choose from at pick #1 and pick #10. I think they need to pick an Olineman at the number 1 pick and give him a chance to start. Another thought I have is that our current oline coach has no CFL experience which could be part of the problem.
I have never been a big fan of Collaros . He had an incredible 2015 year before he got injured and he has not been the same since as he is more tentative and does not have as good of an oline or as good of an oc . I think his knee injury has affected his mobility and the weak receivers and play selection is not helping him much.
I am not a big fan of Gable ..he had a decent year in his rookie year but he is not a high energy fast running back . They say his a good blocker but last night he was not and he does not provide much of a threat coming out of the backfield as we saw with that shuffle pass to him from zac.

Most CFL teams have a at least one or two tall and athletic receivers and we do not . I think Tolliver might have fit that role but he out for the year. We constantly seeing opposing recievers winning battles for the ball due to their height and athleticism . Guys like SJ Green , BC's Arceneaux, Duran Carter. We need a player or two like this . We also have a weak canadian receiver in Jones as shown by last game. Fantuz is very injury prone and getting slower and older so I don't expect any miracles when he returns .
Obviously , we need to run the ball more ..it gives the oline a break and its easier to run block than to pass block.....the other teams rb's are getting 100 yard games against us which which makes the dline etc to have to respect the run and not just rush the passer with all their effort. This is why we are not getting many sacks and if we ran the ball more we would be allowing collaros a little more time to pass because the other team has to recpect the run.
I just wanted to mention that while we were getting creamed by the bombers you can see simoni and others laughing on the sidelines . This concerns me as i would not be laughing if I was 0 and 6 and headed to 0 and 7 and getting humiliated at home . None of the fans were laughing and nor was I so it makes me think there is a problem . I can tell you one think that I have not seen Austin or Collaros laugh once all year...I am not necessarily a fan of either but i do know they both hate losing as muc as i do.

The TSN guys and other people are saying we just don't have enough talent. I think this is true especially on the oline and secondary and receivers and RB.

Our lack of Canadian depth has really been exposed with the Fantuz and Butler injuries . I think Courtney Stefan can't cut it even as a national . The only db's that have shown any talent is Leonard and Will Hill. .This team has had a weak secondary for a long time now and they are now at their weakest point especially with injuries to off season acquisition Kanneh and Eman Davis and Butler.
This secondary is not capable of guarding receivers and certainly not capable of knocking down a pass or even intercepting a pass. They are playing about 10 yards off of the players which allows for easy first down passes. I am not sure if this is instructions by the DC or if each db doesn't have confidence to stay close to the receiver .

I blame Austin and Tillman for not bringing in enough talent in the secondary ..they tried with Kanneh and did well with Will Hill . I almost lost my mind when I heard that Will Hill got cut. He was blocking field goals and had a nose for the football and hits very hard and tackles very well. We have too weak a defence to have gotten rid of him . He was pretty much the only defender making plays and teams were dropping the ball at times in fear of being hit by him . He was best suited to play Sam so he can tackle the QB and RB's. I think this Will Hill was alot like Chip Cox in Montreal a real find and a guy that puts fear in the opposition. Well what's done is done and i bet Hill signs with the Argos or another CFL team and looks great .

I notice Simoni is not making plays and always out of position ..He is quite often far back covering a receivers and that is not his skill...his skills are blitzing and tackling the run and short passes.
It seems that the linebackers are a non factor in the game as there are seldom blitzing the QB and not playing far back enough to disrupt the receivers. This all must be due to to poor defensive schemes as Simoni could not have suddenly become a weak player as he is still young and was an all star.

We are snake bitten on the Dline because of the ratio issues with Butler and Fantuz injuries.
We are being forced to use capicotti as a national DE and he is ok but he never gets to the qb and he is undersized for the run . We also end up playing nationals vaughn and atkinson at DT and both are very overmatched. Coleman has been a beast for us at DT and Laurent has been ok but way overpayed .
Chick is trying hard but not getting to the QB enough . With Stenhauer we used to blitz alot on 2knd and long and we don't do that anymore and it is killing us and we are allowing way too many 2knd and long conversions

I also have noticed that our special teams play is weaker than in previous years. The have nation rb Timmins, National LB Hughes, snapper crawford and not really any good fast and strong special teamers. We used to have players like Plesius, Beau Landry, Marcelllus Bowman that were great special teamers. Timmins is a running back and if you saw him on calgary's kick return for a td you could see how vert slow he is compared to finch who just blew by him . On the same play Hughes dove to tackle Finch and missed by a mile it was a very inept play by bothe players and both have been weak or average all year.

I think we signed Collaros for way too much money ..he is reported to be making well over 500 k and the highest player in the league. Can you believe this ? The Salary Cap is just over 5 Million. Ted Laurent is a good canadian DT but he is way overpaid as well and being payed 275 k . Then there is Banks was making 165 k just to return kicks. Banks has truly lost it and is not the same player last year or this year.....he used to really help us with field position and pose a threat on every kick.
maybe he is disgruntled as he had to take a 50 k pay cut. I am not sure if it is poor blocking or just speedy i am leaning towards it being speedy that has lost a step as he had reinbold as the special teams guy last year and banks did poorly last year as well.

Word is that Banks will be gone in a few weeks. It's kind of sad as he really became a fan favorite and really gave us a lethal weapon

I am not sure what John Chick is making but it is likely around 250 k. As you can see 4 players are taking a big chunk of our salary cap which tied our hands in trying to sign or resign players so we saw the likes of Bkari Grant , Rico Murray , Fred Plesius and figuerero , Sears, Mcdufee , Ellingson go

I also want to mention that Plesius mentioned that players don't want to stay or come to hamilton because Austin is an A*hole ...that he would get on players all week for a mistake they made the previous week

Another free agent was asked if they would sign with the cats and the answer was no because TED (laurent ) took all the money .

I think this team has been a poor evaluator of talent and made poor decisions on paying out some way to high salaries and letting players go that were performing well

Right now , I think the team is in a mess mainly because they were at the end of last year and di very little to change it...They should never have hired a mcmaster coach as the OC as he is too overmatched and reinbold proved before in montreal that he is not a good defensive co-ordinator he was doing very well as special teams coach

The obvious move would be to get rid of Austin but he has a huge 500 + thousand salary for a few more years so we are stuck with him

I can honestly see this team going winless this year especially if the Argos have Ray on Labor Day ...if not that might be the only game we can win .

Even in the best case scenario Collaros is not worth over 500 k ..collaros is like 0 and 11 going back to last year

The ticats also made a bonehead moves letting go offensive tackles Lewis , Figuerero , Simmons , and guard dyakowski all starting for other cfl team ..they were also unfortunate in losing ot jake olson to retirement ...right now we would have a better oline with those guys here

Well said Gerbear20. I think the most important asset to the team is committed players. I totally agree that hamming it up on the sidelines is totally unwarranted while the team is losing & winless... nevermind all their off-the-field social media stuff. Then we have our highest paid QB with Brodie Lawson filming '20 Questions with Zach' answering such fluff as 'first celebrity crush' and you get the picture. And I've heard the background locker room laughter while KA is being interviewed post-game... you really wonder what kind of so-called 'quality' players comprise this team. And as much as I agree that having some tall and athletic receivers would be desirable, the way Collaros is throwing the ball right now wouldn't really make that much difference to the outcome... he's just that bad. It's also a shame that Austin is so loyal to ZC and so committed to a pass game at the expense of a balanced running game.


I'd like to know where your source is for Plesuis comments or how you know that Banks is gone in a few weeks. A few weeks is a long time, why would you think the team would wait?
I've had ST since 1976 and attended games for at least 5 years prior to that so I think I've seen the worst of this franchise
I know this team is bad...you just set the record for the longest negative post in the history of this forum.
You obviously have a great amount of experience running a football team.
So, what's your fix for this year? I'm sure Bob Young is looking for help. I imagine he's real happy losing.

"The offensive and defensive co-ordinators are doing a poor jon and lolley and june jones are not the answer."

The men have only been in their positions for a week. Jones only in town for about that long.

I understand your frustrations....but really??

I too shook my head at Hill being cut...
Total bullshit...bottom line.
This Team..both Players and Coaches..need to pull their heads out of their asses and get focused.
Stop cutting Players that are trying to improve the Team.
Hill was playing with heart, and was focused.
He was one bright spot on the Defence.
Out he goes...
Nuts...totally nuts.

Hill walked off the practice field, the team was left with no choice. You don’t just leave practice without permission. If he had a legitimate reason, all he had to do was talk to Austin. If he didn’t, & I guess we’ll never know if he did, you don’t just leave when this is how you earn a living.

You have a player showing up late and just walking out of practice…and the coaches do nothing??
What kind of a message does that send to the rest of the team??
You want to keep a player like that??

Nuts…would be allowing that to continue…and keeping this trouble in camp…

Yes, really.
Funny ( actually not ) how most former Ticats are playing to their capabilities in other Organizations with high proficiency.
Case in point - Ed Gainey, now with Sask. - gets 4 interceptions, and a fumble recovery against B.C.
Explain to me why he wasn’t good enough to stay in Hamilton.
We have lost to many quality players because of bonehead Management decisions, and you wonder why we are 0-7.
Go back to my previous post, at the beginning of the year, where I said ‘they will be lucky to win 2 games this season’, and everyone laughed me off.
Just saying…
The Eagle - 8) 8) 8)

While Gainey was here, he was victimized time and again. There were those who thought he should have been gone. I remember in the 2014 eastern final, he could not cover S J Green AT ALL.
Gaineyhad ONE banner day and everyone is ready to declare him an all star.
Who are the MANY quality players we have lost??

He also played in Montreal and they released him too…so it wasn’t just Hamilton…

Bob Young says Austin is safe, Austin says Collaros is still the guy, but that will all change after a couple more losses. I remember when the Riders were 0-6 and Corey Chamblin's job was safe. What were they 0-9 when he was let go? Basically when they were done.

Hill had to go while it was unfortunate, keeping that kind of problem around hurts the team more as Montreal found out with Duron Carter. (Hope he's learned from that, it seems like he's turned a new leaf with the Riders.)

They'll hold the line with Austin until the season is truly out of reach, which in this division won't be for a while. At that point everything is on the table.

0-18, no...1-17 with a labour day win, ok. It just seems that for the longest time it's been a constant one step forward and two back cycle. The crowds still showing up may not last; damn they deserve better, we all do. :-[

If Ricky Ray plays on Labour day the Cats will again get beaten badly. IMO.

I believe this idea is from the land of wishful thinking…Ibelieve Ray is gone…if not for the season…thenuntil near season’s end.