Will we face Mac in Calgary

Hank on the outs in Cal will we face DMac for the third lose.

Doubt it, but I hope not as he would pick apart our secondary.

I think the Calgary fans would love to see Dan hand us our third lose....Ouch! :oops:

From Calgary's perspective, would you rather play your less mobile QB against a defense that is very familiar with what he can do?

Hank will be on a shorter leash, but I think he'll start.

If we can get some pressure on that line it would go a long way toward disrupting either of those QBs and forcing mistakes. We've given both Wynn and Calvillo way too much time to develop the play.

I hope we face Danny, we need a chance a some inteceptions. LOL

I like DMac, but the Stamps are 1-1. There is no need to switch QBs if you are .500 after opening the season against the defending Grey Cup champs back to back.

Danny Mc would show us how bad the D realy is.
I sure hope he plays .Then maybe this team will put together the whole package.
I think they are close but moves need to be made to play good football from here on.

we are in no position to laugh at INTS as our QB has 4 already this season !!!!

2 Times on wrong routes. Not saying it was the receivers' faults....but that's a bad statistic.

Well your probably right , but the same goes for every QB then and that includes Danny Macs when he was here .

i believe Jason has alot of INTS in his career as well . just the type of QBs they are .