Will we ever see the end of the Box and Chains?

and while you're at it.. you could add GPS.. and when a player gets near the 1st down marker the ball beeps louder as the distance shrinks... then when he hits the magic 1st down line, the ball glows red ..... gets bright and brighter the farther over the 1st down line he goes...


what? it is a realistic idea ya know.

it's not a crazy one like getting rid of the sticks.

It could make reviewing an out of bounds play easier. If a player does go out of bounds, an annoying siren could go off. :smiley:

ya.. noises for everything! :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm watching NFL Films right now, waiting for something else to come on, and they were actually just discussing this issue. :lol:

I liked something the Atlanta Falcon's coach said. He said it adds a level of suspense to the game, and I agree. Your team gambles on third or fourth down (depending on the league you're watching), and it's real close, and you're hoping and praying that they got it, and the officials come running out with the chains.

I hope they never get rid of the chains. It's just one of those things you can't replace. It's a staple of the game.

OR explode!!

:lol: :D

Waiting for them to measure with the chains adds a bit of excitment....did they make or didn't they????? they hold the one end up with enough slack so you don't really know....It also gives the players a quick breather....I like the chains.

the sticks on the sides lines can stay, the box and chain I hope one day becomes a thing of the past.

I like the first idea provided the sensor is very strong and doesn't break too much, second is a bit out there, and would be too expensive.

I didn't suggest that, at least I had no intention too, the sticks can stay, it's the box and chains they bring on the field to measure where the ball ended up, which is quite frequent in the CFL and becoming a bit annoying, that needs to hit the pages of history.

AH HA, so I;m not just blowing smoke here! see guys, I;m not crazy, I;m totally sane! I knew it! :lol:

true Chief, I'll give it that, but really anything could do that, tension builds up after that play, the officer does w/e they now use instead of box and chains, and then says if the team made it or not. Not the same, but close.

heck, think of it as a challenge, that kind of intensity, and wouldn't you agree it just happens a bit too much in the CFL? to the point where you just wish they having something else that's faster?

no matter what if anything replaces the chains, it will still be intense.

as for the players, yeah they get a few more moments to relax, but then that sounds to me like the NFL with the 40 sec game clock, sounds lazy. I say you want a rest, you sub out with your backup.

On a similar note, I often wondered if it would be possible to put sensors in the ball, on either tip, and some sort of band around the middle, that would allow them to definitively ascertain whether the ball crossed the plane of the goal line. The only thing is you'd have no way of definitively ascertaining whether the ball was in possession of the player at the time.

The downsbox NEVER goes on to the field, only the sticks.

But, I figure the sticks costs $10 each (Home Depot) and the chain is $4 (let's try Lowe's just to spread that business around) and the big red plastic thingee at the top is free because it's sponsored, so do you think the CFL is going to spend $24 on sticks or millions on a field sensor GPS system?

I gotta hunch which way they're going on this one....

oh well, time will tell what will happen to them. Maybe someday something will come along, maybe not. Something, sticks or other, will be used to show players were the lines are, that's not an issue. The box and chains that come into the field IMHO are a bit of an issue, as they are used a lot, and I just wish that someday something comes along that is faster and more accurate that makes the B/C obsolete. Maybe that day will come, maybe not. Someone might invent something, and change the game forever, but that isn't me.

So for now, they stay, and those that loves it will enjoy them (while they last), and those that don't will just have to bite their lip, and put up with it.

I think we can end on that bombshell.