Will we ever see the end of the Box and Chains?

The WFL tried to do it in the 1970's with the "Dickerod" and failed.

You ever think there will be a day, especailly with new technology like the iPhone, that the old Box and Chains will become a thing of the past, and be replaced by something that takes less time to mesure?

I'd like to see that day, while I know the current way has alot of sentament, it's a bit annorying. Only wish I was an investor and I could come up with something better, oh well.

Hmmm, remember turntables are coming back in vogue, and amongs’t some young fold at that! One thing I’m learning about young people is that they are all different, sounds obvious but still.

you'd think that if we can go to the moon, or shot a nuke into it, we could have invented a better unbrella or a better way to measure that a football has crossed the line than using the box and chains, that's all I'm going to say.

I agree but sometimes tradition rule regardless. Look at Ontario and Beer Stores. Why I say?


for now tradision should rule until a better option comes along IMHO. Like playing Ice Hockey in Quaters instead of three peroids, it can't happen unless new technology that fixes the ice faster comes along.

how do ideas like these ever even see daylight? :roll:

because someone needs to ask the question, and either advance the game, or nothing happens. Either way, the question must be asked.

Well, I remember the days when players' socks were held up by white tape. Then technology came along and they devised socks with hidden elastics in them, imagine that. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I don't really see a need to change this aspect of the game. I think it'd just be change for the sake of it. There's nothing wrong with using the chains. What else are we going to use, one of those hand held devices that measures the distance of studs?

Hey, how about a laser beam attached high up in the stands that could draw a 10 yard line anywhere on the field...

Patent pending :smiley:

well I dont have an awnser to that Cheif, because there is nothing out there that can, yet...

if something ever does come along, I hope the CFL makes the change, it would IMHO improve the game greatly, as the CFL seems to use them more than the NFL.

at the moment, we are stick, but still it's worth talking about at least once.

could work, as long as you can turn it on and off so it doesn't interfer with the game, only needed to check the spot of the ball.

Not having the chains would actually slow the game down. Remember that for every time the chains are brought in, there are probably 10 times where the first down is awarded (or not) based on the position of the sticks, without bringing them in from the sideline. If you're a yard ahead of the first down, they don't bother to measure. They just signal the first down and move the sticks. If you're a yard short, they don't need to measure. A measurement is often requested, but the officials may refuse.

With a chainless method, they'd have to measure every time. Think about it: no indication anywhere on the field where the first down marker is. They would pretty much need to measure after every play.

It would also be a huge disadvantage to a player who is fighting to get a first down. "Do I fight for extra yards, risking a fumble, or can I just step out of bounds or go down knowing that we've got the first down?" And a lot of pass routes require that a receiver go just past the first down marker and make his cut. With no first down marker, you wouldn't be able to do this anymore.

I like that you're thinking outside the box (no pun intended...okay, maybe a little bit intended), but until they can come up with an alternative that addresses issues like that, I think we're stuck with what we've got.

Excellent points, BigDave. Didn't even think of those. :oops:

There would have to be a sensor in the ball and others implanted in the field all along the yard lines. It could be done now using RFID technology I think. But why dick with tradition (except when it comes to Ontario's infernal beer stores – don't get me started Earl LOL )? The human element adds to the game. Too much technology would just turn it into robot-ball.

Good points bigdave, and I have to agree, I don't have a good replacement nor do I think one will be available soon, but I just want to shot the breeze a bit here, and who knows, maybe someone by reading this will get the inspiration to come up with something, you never know.

Anyway, good points. :thup:

don;t want to knock your idea rpaege, but that technology to me sounds like it could breack easy, much less eliminate the human element.

I think the line thing seems like a better idea, like what they do on the TV already with the frist down line or something like that. But as Bigdave points out, what can be done to show the players where the frist down line is?

idk, whatever idea comes up, it has to be very detailed and workable to replace the box and chains in any case.

nice .. ya you get rid of the sticks, you remove the visual aspect for the players and coaches! they can't see it.

you could always put in a sensor in the ball for statistical purposes.. help measure how many yards a guy gets.. and it could also make placement of the ball a heck of a lot more accurate!

underneath the turf is a blanket sensor that whenever the ball touches the turf or the player comes down, perhaps work the whistle into it the blanket senses the ball and a red flashing light appears there.. then the ball can be placed there.

I dunno, throwing out ideas.