Will we do better then t.o?

hey cats fans! i was jus thinkin, if damon allen doesnt play for the argos this season, r they doomed? i beilive so. without a good qb they have always struggled, n by the looks of things they r going to be hunting 4 1 before camp. also not to forget all the players they have released. i think the argos have an awful year. agree? explain…

Not sure. Many teams have been dumping high salaries recently, so the F.A. market could be interesting. If DA doesn’t play, then they could be in trouble. If we luck out in free agency, and Taaffe can mould this new team to his liking, then we have a shot at having a better record than the blue team. Only time will tell…

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The Argos will be mediocre this year, with or without Allen. Offensively they might still be dangerous if they retain Miles and Bruce which I believe they have. But defensively I don't see how they could be any good. Although I don't see the Cats being much better. To say whether they will be better than the Argos or not would be like spitting into the wind.

defensivly no good?!?!

its the offence the argos need to worry about..not the defence ( they will have byron parker the whole season too ).

The Argos passing game will struggle this season with or without Allen. Without a QB they won't go very far.

as the ticats found out last season...lol

Speaking as a neutral third party -- an Als fan :slight_smile: -- I don't see Hamilton being better than Toronto this year. That's not a slag either, just a reflection of teams at different stages with different goals. Toronto wants to reload for a Grey Cup. Hamilton probably just wants to make the playoffs and be competitive. In a few seasons, it might be a different story, but I'll be really surprised if the Cats outdo the Argos this year.

Is this whats going to happen or what you would like to see happen?

The Argos will field a strong team, this year with the Grey Cup game in TO. I'm sure they've freed up money with their recent roster moves so they'll be able to fill the holes that need to be filled with quality players as training camp approaches. I think Allen is done as a #1 QB anyway so it will fall to Bishop or even Crouch. Overall, they'll be younger and better. Hamilton will be better than 2006 but still not good enough to get to the Grey Cup--too many changes both on and off the field. Realistically, this has to be a rebuilding/retooling year for Hamilton.

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