Will we do better in Second and Long this year

Here is my thing. I watched pretty much every game last year and the overwhelming trend I saw was - limit them to two or three yards first down then give up about 12 on second.

When you look at our roster, it seems we have the personel to stop other offences but we seem to jsut suck at play calling on defence. Will we do better this year and what has been done to improve that. I don’t see many new faces in the coaching staff that would lead me to believe that we have made some great conceptual shift.

That is pretty much my biggest complaint with the Rider team. If we can have better defensive stands on second down, I think that could get us two or three more wins in the regular season and possibly get to the cup and win. Any thoughts?

I agree with you, who is the defensive cordinator there maybe it is time to give this guy an apple and a road map.

Our defensive coordiantor is Ritchie Hall. I agree that we had our trouble on second and long last year but I’m sure the coaches have realized that and they are doing everything imaginable to come up with some new schemes to fix it. Rest assured the Riders will take care of it.

Both our O and D Coords messed up at times last year. I’m sure we can limit most of it.

Danny Barrett sure is loyal to those two.

The reason our D sucks in second & long is because Ritchie plays too conservative. Sure he does like to send the blitz often, but when we have a team in second & long, he seems to want to drop back in coverage and let the D-linemen try to get to the QB.

I can’t figure out why he doesn’t like to blitz in these situations and force the other team to throw a quick pass, then make a quick tackle. This works for the Als all the time with their pressure defence. Hopefully we will se some changes this year.

I agree blitzing would be a good choice BUT if you send a LB on a blitz that’s one less man to make a tackle downfield if the pass does end up being a completion. Montreal’s Pressure Defence does work well but it’s definatley stoppable we all saw that last year right here in Taylor Field when the Rider’s tossed the Al’s around like a rag doll

That was with Burris at QB was it not! Just asking!

You are quite right R&W , they won’t be the same with Nealon. Clearly a big demotion , the guy just isn’t starter material . They would have been a contender had they kept Burris.

Isn’t he just one player? I’ve heard from you many times before that “one player doesn’t make a team” but now just because it’s the Riders it does. I think you better rub your eyes and see that Nealon is a great Quarterback, just as good as Burris maybe even a little better.

Asmart man once said that QB’s are not important but O Lineman that is a different story.

The fact Jeremy was the Riders beat Montreal with Burris at QB. Does this bother you.

So what that was 1 game, we also lost all 3 to Winnipeg last year with Burris. That has never happened with Nealon and it never will.

EXACTLY! You hit the nail on the head, a QB’s aren’t as important as the Offensive Line and this year our Offensive line is the same as last year, one of the best in the league. We have a good Quarterback as well, we’ll be able to do well against Montreal this year as well as any other team.

…Will we do better in Second (hand) Long (johns) this year?..yes…

…not…enuf…air…in …my…office…must…get…outside…

The two go hand in hand my friend. If the QB cannot read the defences, make adjustments and get rid of the ball on time to make the plays it does not matter how good the OL is. Their job is to give the QB time to find the recievers and get rid of the ball. That’s all.

If the OL cannot stop the rush long enough to allow the QB to drop and release then it doesn’t matter how good the QB is. You can argue about a running QB if you like, but very few plays are designed to send the QB running. Scrambling is a result of a breakdown in blocking assignments and/or an impatient QB. I believe a good QB makes his line look better and a good line makes their QB look better.

not particularly impressed yet. Too many games end with us clinging to a lead or not able to stuff an offence. If that successfully gets addressed, I will make a prediction that we will be cup bound, mostly cause of our depth and overall talent.