Will we be blessed by Fajardo on Saturday?

Not sure that Montreal does rest some vets
I am sure the thought has crossed their minds.

Why go all in when even with a victory there is less than a 50% chance it will matter.
If some guys are nicked up maybe they sit them. I would.

Mystery solved
Riders will rest Cody Fajardo, other key starters for regular season finale

Head coach Craig Dickenson told the media today that quarterback Cody Fajardo, running back William Powell, receiver Duke Williams, and centre Dan Clark will not dress in Week 16. At 9-4, the Riders have already secured second place in the West Division and will host the West Semi-Final on Sunday, Nov. 28 at Mosaic Stadium.

I would be surprised if Micah Johnson doesn't sit as well. Possibly AC Leonard too.

True for both Montreal and Hamilton. No?

My point is both Hamilton and Montreal want a home ESF, it's the only position left to play for.

This is terrible news, as we saw last week:


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Riders figure they don't need Fajardo to toss up 50/50 balls. Any backup QB can exploit our soft zones with a dink and dunk passing gameplan.

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But they needed the Duke to catch them, and he's also sitting out.

They don't need Duke for nickel and diming either. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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OK Ferret Face! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


TiCat Special Teams -- "Big plays are just around the corner."
Does Ja'Gared Davis know something we don't?

Watch here, starting at the 3:07 mark, near the end:

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Kristina should use the coin flip. She would be 8 games better.

Not true for both.
If Montreal strongly assumes we beat Sask why not rest their vets?

Is that a hint that maybe Frankie will soon be available ?

Pat Lynch (Hope is a good thing)


That's what I was thinking. Or things like onside punts, drop-kicks, fake FG attempts, etc.

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Would the NEW kicker be a specialist in all these things? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hamilton also has to announce their own depth chart before the Montreal-Ottawa game.

Well, the onside punt is just a short, high, punt. It's up to the "burners" to get to hte ball first. Drop-kicks can be done by anyone, so no kicker needed. Same with fake FGs - the kicker doesn't even need to touch the ball, just fake kicking it (like they have been doing all year).

Well I understand all that stuff but I was just making a joke that maybe the new kicker is better then Bertolet in all aspects of kicking.

Who knows? Maybe Bertolet got cut because of that terribly squibbed on-side kick last game and the Cats feel they need an improvement in that area. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Iceman1, if you're like me, at the beginning of the season, I (we) would have placed Hamilton to lock up top spot in the East and likely overall a week or two ago. As we all know you never assume who wins a game. Why would Montreal strongly or believe that Hamilton will win.
Hamilton is 7/6 team playing a 9/4 team, resting some players.
Montreal is 7/6 team playing a 2/11 team. I would suggest Montreal has the better chance of a home ESF.
It if you disagree just consider, why would any team just quit on assumption, what message would that send to any/all teams, Coaches, the league CFL, TSN..... Would you expect that form your team, I would hope not. Would you respect your team for that, I would hope not.
Simply put if a team has a strong, weak or average chance to win especially for a home playoff game it would be ludicrous not to try.


Good news, from the coach, today.
He expects Don Jackson to be back in the line-up, Saturday.