Will we be blessed by Fajardo on Saturday?

So, will brother Fajardo be sprinkling some JC on Saturday, or is the boss (either Dickenson or that ultimate higher authority figure) going to shutter him down? Just asking for a "guy in a white shirt and tie (and a watermelon hat!) who just rang my door bell".


BTW there IS an app for that! :nerd_face:

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Tossing another SSK mystery on top of that one: whose peepee break caused them to squander a timeout at the start of the second half? The only thing we know for sure, due to the physical impossibility of it, is that it was not A.C. Leonard.

“Well I’ll tell you, it’s the first time in my career that I’ve had to call a timeout at the start of the second half because I didn’t have 12 guys. And I’m not happy with the team about that and they know that,” Dickenson said.

“Now, maybe I spoke with them a little bit late. I probably need to give them the second half talk at five or six minutes instead of four but they’ve got to get out and play. I reminded them: ‘Hey, we start the second half with kick-off, I want the kick-off team out there ready to roll.”

We had a couple of guys milling around in the locker room, using the bathroom and all of a sudden the clock goes to zero and I don’t have 12 guys in the huddle, so that’s why I called the timeout to get the right people out there.”


So, since it's now part of CFL folklore, I feel comfortable and honoured to offer the Green Riders (and their fans), a hearty " F(_)CK THEM "!


I never knew referees could be so offended by a timeout call. If anything, you would think a Coach's Challenge would be the single most insulting thing a team could do to an official. (Other than the Kent Austin Salute)

Maybe the Ref would have insulted their mothers if there was a coach’s challenge

There's got to something more to this as to why Vallesi said that. Something set him off. Maybe another official asked him something or relayed a coach's complaint to him. :thinking:

I 'm gussing we won't "be blessed" by Desmond Lawrence's presence on Saturday. The TiCats, on Monday, activated Channing Stribling, who hasn't played since Game 5.
I don't have any idea what happend with Lawrence, in Toronto. He was on the field, and looked fine, getting into the backfield on the FG which was the final play of the first half, but did not play, at all as far as I know, in the second.
Source on Stribling: Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings - CFL.ca

Could Stribling be an add on to the roster after Bertolet's release ?

Duke Williams will not play. He debuted a new TD dance and also injured his knee (perhaps unrelated).

Star receiver Duke Williams brings ‘The Griddy’ to Saskatchewan Roughriders

No that would be Domagala I would guess, unless you expect Stribling to kick.

Bertolet is an American on the roster . Stribling is an American on the roster . One could replace the other . Cat fans know who our kickers are !

It sounds like he'll be likely activated as the replacement for Desmond Lawrence in the starting secondary . Lawrence was apparently injured in the game at BMO and was replaced by Katsantonis in the second half .

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Some do. :+1:

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I guess my response was too nuanced for the western fans to appreciate . A thousand apologies are in order .

You better watch how you word things Pat .
You might wind up back in the clink again being as you just got out on parole for a misdemeanor offence .

Just remember as one of my all time fav characters on TV Frank Burns once said...

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And we thank you for the salutation

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Apology not necessary. Your opinion of me means nothing.

Besides, as you are a Ti-Cat fan in the Ti-Cat room, you're allowed to personally attack a non-Ti-Cat fan ... apparently. :wink:

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So a couple things in the Cats favor.

Does Montreal go all in trying to win Friday or do they rest some vets?
Does Sask go all in with their fate already seeled?

The Cats will know this ahead of Saturday's kickoff.

Curious, why would Montreal rests some vets? Anymore than Hamilton resting some vets?

I do agree teams who have nothing but pride to play for may rest some players.