Will we be able to watch the West Game on Tigervison ?

I know The Ticats want fans out Early for Labour Day .
I like I’d to see some of the West game
will the CFL and TSN allow Hamilton put Feed on Tigervison ?

So we can Watch it till our kick off?
I hate Missing the West Game

I'd imagine the Cats would have to pay some fee to carry this on a huge board, I don't know?

Great question!

that is a really great idea, it would be very cool, but i doubt it will happen.

would be fantastic but probably unable to do due to sponsor agreements and ads that run during that time......also, could go and watch on concourse tvs???

this is one reason why I hate playing the late game...never mind getting the kids and self up for school and work but I always looked forward to watching the Cat game....grabbing some wings and pizza on the way home and settling to take in the 2nd half of the west game