Will Wayne Smith start this week?

I was not at the Ticats last game so I did not get a chance to see the oline play. Observing the transactions, Randall being cut, not that good, will Wayne be starting this week. He was our best olineman the last two years. :rockin:

I hope he starts. He is a passionate player and a great o-lineman. I think Smith and Hage are the best members of the o-line by far.

Best Guards maybe, but not best Olinemen.

(this isn’t a knock on them, its just others have been great. re: TC, woodard, coulter… and thats about it. (hudson’s been alright too)

Absolutley, Coulter and 57 should be in the Wall and Halls of Fame!

Wayne Has Also Like Playing Guard Better then Tackle

If dose start it will be at Guard..