Will TSN show the player awards live on TV?

I know TSN didn't show them live last year.

TSN doesn't have a schedule out that far yet.

I actually like seeing this event on TV.

I haven't heard anything yet, but knowing our luck, they'll probably stick them on TSN2. Which is alright, unless your cable provider is Rogers, then you're screwed. (Quelle surprise!)

And it will probably be shown at 11am on a Wednesday or something ridiculous like that.

I noticed the bitterness towards TSN lately... some food for thought, as recent as 3 years ago every single CFL game wasn't even televised. I think for all the shuffling TSN has had to do to "fit in" the CFL, overall we have it pretty good, considering every game this season was in HD.... just my opinion though.

And that was a bonus, since the original schedule had a lot of the late-season game in SD-only.

I was pretty sure part of the original agreement was that all games must be in HD... i recall this being announced last year.

I remember that too. But then when the schedule came out it wasn't the case.

good call....regardless i'm quite happy with tsn this year.

Could be worse


Unless TSN starts showing the CFL games in 3-D

S-D, H-D twiddlee dee...an old fart like me
ain't buying into all that hi tech techie stuff.

It doesn't make one iota of difference to
how much I enjoy viewing games on TV.


Sorry to so rudely interupt the topic.

What was the topic anyways?

It looks like TSN will have a bunch of Grey Cup related programming on the afternoon of Sat. Nov. 22, including the CFL awards at 3:30 Eastern.

FYI: Thursday November 20th


When they put a live CFL game on TSN2 (which not everyone has access to) so they can put on NASCAR or some other non-sport, it makes me think that the CFL wasn't "fit in" all that well. I'm not just ticked with TSN, but with the whole CFL scheduling this year. I'm not happy with Saturday playoff games and I'd rather watch CFL football than the world Poker tour. I have TSN2, but many don't and it just seems as though the CFL has been the least important for TSN and since they are the exclusive providers, it's a little frustrating.