Who will start this Thursday vs BC--

Does POPP roll the dice and start the electrifying TROY SMITH- THere is no CFL film available on Troy SMITH which could really help the ALS here-

BC cannot defend good vs QBS they have not seen- Ie- Collaros burning them all over the place- BC studies QBs and has had the same secondary for the past 8 seasons- They know how to defend the different QBs but are not good vs the unfamiliar qbs-

Or does the ALS stick with Newswander at QB? He throws a nice deep ball with a lot of LOFT, albeit usually in double coverage though lol-

London is out, that means we basically only have BRUCE and SJ GREEN who will be triple covered Im sure as receivers- Deslauriers doesent count and has no business being on the field- Wonder who he is related to? Is he the owners son?

Who gives us the best chance to win on Thursday- I think BC will have CALGARY in their minds bigtime after their win- There will be a HUGE LETDOWN and dissapointment to have to board a plane and go to the East coast (which west coast players hate) and play in a small stadium vs an unknown QB and a struggling team- If thats not the old case of lets just show up and CASH our paycheque and put our Feet up on the desk and drink a CORONA, I dont know what would be a better spot-

Much like Calgary and SASK last night did not want to play this week after their battle last week, I feel that BC would rather just not play this Thursday- Dont be surprised to see the sloppy BC team show up on Thursday-

Are you kidding ? Troy Smith hasn't even practiced with this team. He does not even have a jersey yet. If AC did indeed suffer a concussion he can't play this week, They will go with Neiswander and Marsh and might dress Smith as a #3 QB. My guess is AC will make a miraculous recovery from his concussion.

I do understand that TROY SMITH has not had a practice, I guess hes not a MIKE BISHOP who seemed ready to start in 24 hour notice lol--

I think though you will see TROY SMITH start the next game once he gets even 3 to 4 practices under his belt- They will throw him in there to see what he can do-

I dont think AC will be back this week- I think then its Newswander starting- He throws a nice catchable ball but looks a little slow with his feet and his throwing release- Its like a SLOW MOTION RICKY RAY with less Field vision and intelligence-


As far as I've discerned
It takes YEARS to develop a CFL quarterback
Even and exciting Heisman winner

Matt Dunigan wrote a fascinating article on the subject
Among other things...the extra player...the wide field and unlimited motion
Seems to give american-trained qb's fits
(wish I could find the article)

If we see Troy Smith this year
It will be a sign that the Alouettes are truly in freefall
But...after all
With or without AC
We knew that already

The best thing right now IMO
Is to give the job to Smith
With a severely limited package of plays
As for the rest of it...
Let Smith improvise as he wishes
And lean HEAVILY on Messam and Whitaker
Both as runners AND receivers

As ill advised as it may seem
I can't imagine any other scenario that could bring
Even a modicum of success
At this low point


I don't want to see Smith on the field for the foreseeable future. And it won't happen anyhow: A major reason why he came to Mtl was because Popp agreed to give him time to get back into shape and to learn the game. So it's Neiswander and Marsh for now. Let's see what they've got.

Anthony won't dress,unless he did not suffer a concussion,yesterday. While Troy Smith will dress, Josh Neiswander or Tanner Marsh will start. Troy could always be on the field for a few running plays.


Problem for AC right now is...

If he makes a "miraculous recovery" it will fuel speculation that he used the Rick Foley hit as an excuse to back out of yesterday's game. One could see the frustration mounting as AC slowly realises he's lost his touch...

If he stays out it will fuel speculation he's lost the desire to play and will retire soon.

Concussions are nothing to sneer at. Serious stuff.
still...it is odd that Anthony stayed on the sidelines instead of undergoing concussion protocols

They're also the one injury where a medical staff is largely dependent on the player diagnosing himself. That is...the diagnosis and prognosis are founded on what that player HIMSELF tells the doctor and staff.
As such...it may represent the ONE FACE-SAVING WAY Calvillo can bow out mid-season, with a minimum of negative backlash.
"Back off dude....he's got a concussion."

It's for this reason I imagine AC might be done for good.
He can back out...unscathed...leave the team to it's misery
collect his 1/2 mil
With a minimum of criticism accruing
From a selfish and cowardly act...

Sounds about perfect.

Hopefully this post will "out" that plan
And Calvillo can finish what he started
however badly


Senior, you just served up one fine load of manure.

...which reminds me. Where's Johnny AI when we need him?

HFX...what has caused this sudden change for you? You've always come out swinging when anyone criticized Calvillo's character. He's not playing well for sure and is near or at the end. its just the inevitable for all of us, regardless of career.. But your about face with a seemingly vitriolic attack on his character seems misplaced for you. Why the sudden change?


Considering what fine crops can grow from it
I prefer to consider that a GREAT compliment.



"Why you be mean to my ac? why? why?"


:lol: :lol: :lol:

My guess is that Hfx ran out of Alexander Keith's, and is trying out that 'imported' stuff from away.

More "group speak"
Peer Pressure
And poorly defined counter-arguments

I've been taking that kind of crap for years
(pun intended)
And then I'm accused of overreacting when I speak of
"nailing to the cross"

What happened to respecting others' right to an opinion?
Every time someone is rude and abusive like this
I'm shocked that no one has the integrity to call them on it.

Man...I mustv'e struck the nerve "motherlode"

:lol: :lol: :lol: :roll: PS: just noticed you left out the 1/2 mil part

Guess it's a HUGE factor you'd prefer to remain in denial about

[i]OH!!!!! The Senior is in full conspiracy mode today! A thing of beauty this post by the forum mascot.

So Senior, according to you Calvillo is pretending to have a concussion so he can get off the field and not play!?
That's strange! You are always saying that Calvillo is selfish, and that he never wants to get off the field; even when the game is one sided. You have been ranting for years that Calvillo will let nothing get him off the field. But now, Calvillo wants to get off the field? He goes as far as pretending he has a concussion to not play... You are always saying that Calvillo HIMSELF DECIDES when he comes off the field. If Calvillo can make that decision (like you have been saying), then why does he not just use his executive power to do so?
You just disagreed with yourself big time there buddy boy!

Wow! That Calvillo is one evil and powerful dude! He has power over the Alouettes. He is the boss, right Senior? When Calvillo tells Wettenhall to jump, Wettenhall says "how high?" All fear the evil and powerful Calvillo :roll:

Why don't you tell us all of the other bad things evil Calvillo has done Senior? Johnny believes you... In fact, here is some more stuff evil selfish Calvillo has done:

-Calvillo invented AIDS in a laboratory in the 70s;
-Calvillo shot JR;
-Calvillo cut off Luke Skywalker's hand with a light sabre;
-Calvillo is Voldermoort;
-Calvillo is the one armed man who killed Dr. Kimble's wife;
-Calvillo is the one who stole Spock's brain in that Star Trek 60s episode;
-Calvillo is the one who make joke, and make pipi in your coke.

And many more! Why don't you amuse us some more Senior, and tell us about your evil Calvillo conspiracy theories.

And Senior, before you go all Joe Pesci (bless that great paysan) on Johnny, and ask:

"What, do I amuse you?"
"What am I, a ****** comedian? Am I a ****** clown?"

YES Senior, you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:


To say that someone is in full conspiracy mode is ridiculous. Senior is stating his opinion for which he is fully entitled to. If his opinion does not conform to the FACT and EVIDENCE BASED thinking then its a CONSPIRACY? Of course many things cannot be proven in this world- BUt I caution people to not only rely on analytical or 100% PROOF before they believe something-- Think outside the box.

It is this same FACT BASED and LOGIC based thinking that allows POLITICIANS and GOv't to rip everyone off and lie, because the Analytical and Logic Based people will immediately DISMISS anyone challenging the politicians as a CONSPIRACY theorist--

Some AC supporters feel the injury is LEGIT- And they can believe that- IT is their opinion- It doesent matter what Senior believes, IF you believe AC was legitimately hurt, Then all that matters is what you believe-

However some people feel that AC was faking the injury like Senior and MYSELF- I fully am 100% convinced that AC would fake an injury- I told my brother, I predicted that AC would get injured and fake an injury to save face--
This is my opinion- I cannot prove it to the ENGINEERS ( the people who only believe in something if its scientifically tested and proven)

THink about it guys- Does LULAY or BURRIS or DURANT or even the SMALL KEVIN GLENN leave the game after that hit? We all know qbs take hits in the CFL- Its part of the game--

IT was 100% clear that AC was faking when he was hit by FOLEY- AC was acting the injury up- He was not hit that hard- he acted like he was slammed to the turf- Ac's head did not make contact with the ground- He was looking for a way out--

Part of playing QB is toughness- If AC thinks he can play QB and collect 500k a year and NOT GET HIT he is mistaken- He has to realize that football is PHYSICAL--- The Howard hit was way worse and he didnt even have a conccussion that time but all kinds of LIES and misdirection were being used to describe that hit-
The season is going bad- AC knows he cannot do it- His wife is probably worried and pleading with him to not get hurt, the ship is sinking- AC Fakes the injury to get out of harms way--

WIth the lack of receivers its clear that AC has to stand in the pocket a lot longer_ he knows this team is going nowhere- He knows if he plays QB he will take more HITS perhaps than he took in the ENTIRE TRESTMAN ERA--

Again this is my opnion and only my opinion- Its not a conspiracy and is backed by the same evidence and same rational as the AC supporters who will claim that AC was legitimately hurt.

Guru, as much as I respect your opinion, it makes no sense to me.

When a football player or in this case a QB takes a viscious hit and has a CONCUSSION, the players know it right away, the coaches know it right away--

Look at the body language, the motor skills, all the signs of a CONCUSSION are there for players who legitimately sustain them-

This is what does not happen when a player has a CONCUSSION--

The head coach does not walk up to him 10 minutes later and ask are you oK to go back in the game? As Popp did?

Im not saying AC was not hurt- But he did not have a CONCUSSION- Thats pretty much certain-

Its obvious when players have concussions- AC looked 100% normal on the sidelines- he just did not look like he was hurt-

My advice to AC would be-- If you want to be the GENERAL and Mr. Alouette- You have to take the HITS GRACEFULLY and not pretend that you are Incoherent and completely Knocked out as if a BEAR had thrown you over a tree?

All in all no matter what this is a certain sign to AC himself that he should RETIRE NOW-- I mean this is TACKLE FOOTBALL, not touch- He is scared to take a hit- and any hit seems to be magnified by 100X in terms of IMPACT to AC's body.

If Popp was watching the hit from the sidelines, and he thought AC could go back in the game, that right there tells volume of whats going on with AC's injury.

To say that Calvillo is finished as a QB is a legitimate opinion that has to be respected whether one agrees with it or not. To say that he faked a concussion is both disrespectful and illogical.

You had Dr. Mulder one of the most respected physicians in all of sports sitting beside him and following the league`s concussion protocal. Can you read lips and know what exactly Popp was saying? Maybe he was just asking A.C. how he was feeling out of concern. Calvillo kept waving his hands in front of his eyes to show he had blurred vision.

And if it is confirmed during the week that A. C. has a concussion, will you maintain your stand like most conspiracy theorists tend to do?

It's also no coincidence that consider this--

Als are trying their best to rebound from this season- They were hoping that they could push a BUTTON and Shabam be back to TRESTMAN form- They thought that Jamal and Whitaker and AC and Sj Green could carry the team into championship form--

However what happened is that things didnt improve for the ALS and they got worse bigtime- They fired Hawkins- POPP took over--

The ARgos rolled into town and competely picked apart AC and made him look like a CIS QB and one that had no business being on the field- AC was throwing into triple coverage to SJ GREEN and really couldnt do anything right--

So they get ready to play at SASK and BC at home- THings are probably still bad at practice- no new receivers coming in, DOUG Useless Berry is calling the plays which is never a good thing- AC has no confidence in the coaches or in his receivers- He has Deslauriers who counts for a -1 player-
Ac goes home and thinks to himself- I am 40 years old- I have a nice family- My wife is more important- I am going to take a major beating this season- HIs family is way more important than football--

So he knows that he is playing SASK and BC-- You have FOLEY and CHICK and GEORGE, REY WILLIAMS followed up by ELIMINEAN , KERON WILIAMS and BIGHILL- Some nasty hitters- For sure- Ironically it was FOLEY that injured Calvillo--

SO for me, AC was looking for a way out after the ARGO LOSS- He officially realized that things are going to get worse and he was looking for a way out-- RICKY FOLEY gave him that chance- POPP questioned AC whether he can come in cause he knew in his heart that AC was fine--
AC was smart, He said there is no way I can survive playing BC twice in the next few weeks and at SASK where the western div teams can really blitz you and nail the QB--

I mean wasnt it obvious when AC looked he was a regular fan sitting on the bench- NO emotion- No pain- No confusion- NOTHING, Just a blank I dont care attitude--

This is happening because AC is in a position to do this-- He is MR. ALOUETTE and can do no wrong-- Everyone on the forum is still protecting and defending him-- Even though it was for his insistance to get every snap possible to maintain longterm job security well into his mid 40's which is ABSURD for a PRO QB to have-- Now the ALS are going to pay for letting AC stick around too long and for being loyal--
AC is a nice guy- No doubts about that- But its clear he is a sneaky introverted type of personality that is ALL ABOUT ME- He is entitled and spoiled-- That is a fact.