Will Troy be back in Hamilton???

I wonder after the release of Troy Davis from the Eskimos in February along with Stewart and Wiltshire if we might see Troy back in Hamilton in the 2007 future?? Or would he be too expensive under the new salary cap to even consider going after??

I don't believe any team has claimed his rights or Wiltshires, Stewart's in the past few month's since being released from the Eskies.

I know many fans would say why would you consider a guy like that when we have Lumsden, Holmes, Davis, Radelin ect. However like many fans will say, Troy Davis is a proven winner, a 1000 yard plus rusher and a classy guy, why wouldn't you wan't a player like this on your team, other than for lack of money with the salary cap and even still I'm sure some wiggle room exists because it's a CFL salary cap we are talking about, their is always room.

I would like to see Troy back in Hamilton and we would get a winning player back on the field in every game and a player that lives for playing football. EAT EM RAW IN 2007!!!!

NOT!!! case closed lock the thread...

Please don't hold anything back. Tell us how you really feel (LOL).

Good points though.

No, no, a thousand times no...

As Much Troy Given to us ..
He just dose fit into the new Tiger cats..
We have a Davis He is #5 Anthony Davis

I would do a 1 Day Contract For Troy and Joe
So they could Retire in Black and Gold

little early to be day drinking??


Next question?

This post is a mess...However as an avid drinker I think I can make this one out...Yep hes trying to say we should sign Troy Davis and Joe Montford to one day contracts so they can retire in their respected black and gold...Wow this guy must be drunk, the way this team looks we need to sign these guys to one year contracts never mind one day...As as for the rest of you give me one good reason we shouldn't sign those players not why we won't (Does management not know you need proven starters to win???)

You only really offer 1 day contracts to those who are ground breaking players. The ones that will be around forever because of what they did in their career and for the team.

Troy Davis has not nor will he ever reach that milestone in the CFL he will be like hundred of other players over the years that fade out into obcurity.

Joe Montford on the otherhand is close..he has a pretty good looking career behind him on paper. But he isn't the man he didn't seem to me to embody everything a Ti-cat should be..

The one that should and I hope people see it is my #14 Danny-Mac He had a great career, he is without a doubt hall of fame bound. He lead us to our last Grey Cup title. And even though he is no longer a Ti-Cat he STILL runs events and makes his presence felt here in Steeltown.

Danny MacManus is a true Tigercat and deserves to retire as a cat (if its important to him) heck in my mind he deserves to be the next one put up on the wall of fame at Ivor Wynne.

STF I beg to differ.

TD (Troy Davis) is the all-time ticat leading rusher. He gave everything, including his lunch during one very memorable game for yours truly, on the field. I think he, Montford and Danny Mac all deserve this honour (perhaps together?) as they were integral parts of this team.

Troy's done.

Let it go and move on.

Will Troy be back in Hamilton??? --- no Ticats have lumsden

Both Montford and Davis are done. The best way to tell this (with any player) is by looking at the attention they get after their release. How long has it been since they were let go? NO ONE has gone after them. Same with Yeast when we released him. Not one team went after him at all. That says something about these players. Take a look at how those two played last season. Edmonton didn't make the playoffs and neither Davis nor Montford made any noticable impact on the CFL.

Their carrers are over.

Davis, by the way, had two good seasons for us, then tanked completely. We were wise to get rid of him when we did.

ticat1, I totally agree...

I respect the loyality that some of the fans are still carrying for these guys its great to see it. Davis did have some good seasons here but as I said in my above post..he hasnt done enough to make him a CFL great.. enough to go to the trouble of a halftime applause for 2 good CFL seasons..

Let the issue die, maybe there will be a midseason injury in the CFL and one of them will see the field again another chance to prove their worth.

They weren't leaders
They weren't ground breakers
They weren't innovators

They were just run of the mill CFL starters, thats what they will always be..and just because they were fan favourates doesnt make them great above average players..

I think Troy Davis is suffering from the large numbers of good RBs in the league. I don't think he's done as a player. But the economics of having a lot of good players at one position means that he's going to have to accept less money than he's probably asking for.

I don't think he's a fit on our team right now as we have Lumsden and Holmes as our two main guys and then the young guy in the third string role.

...and since Joe Montford crept into this discussion, I think he's an all-time Ti-Cat, a sure fire Hall of Famer and an amazing football player. I can't understand why anyone would argue that he was only average when, in a 5 year span, he had almost 100 sacks and won 3 defensive player of the year awards and he was a 5 time CFL all-star. Oh and he almost broke the single season record for sacks. What more do you want from the guy?