Will training camp be open to the public??

Does anyone have any idea if TC will be open or should I assume it will be closed (since the practices are closed)??

Why BG? Need a scenery upgrade? :wink:

No what I'm looking at right now is just fine,thanks. :smiley: I'm actually deciding on my vacation time for next year (yeah we have to book it this early) and thought I might take a few days off to attend if it was open to the public.

I have no clue as to the current thinking of the grand managerial poobah. However, I do know that Alouette training camp sessions have traditionally been open to the public, so that might be a cue as to how the brainstrust will handle next year's camp. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Unless there's a drastic change in policies there's no reason to expect camp might be closed.
Practices (despite the surprise and shock of some) have been closed before and no doubt will again, camp though, I don't recall ever being shut down to the public.

Thanks for the replies. I'm hoping you're right and it's open.

It would be a little tough at Mac considering its logistics. Not easy to close it off.