will tonights game be a blackout?

just as the topic says

if the game is sold out prior to game time the blackout will be lifted

ALL games in the CFL that aren't sold-out, are blacked out in that region. But, from what I've heard, the league must lift 2 home blackouts per team, per year. These happen at random, and are obviously not advertised before hand.

I believe it has to be sold out 48 hours before game time.

I read it will be blacked out.

blackouts never make me feel like i should go to the game. Instead, blackouts just make me feel frustrated with the organization.

Well obviously you don't know anything about football. Its like that in the NFL too for every team unless its soldout. If it doesn't make you want to go to the game then i don't get it, who wouldn't want to go to the game LIVE? It costs only 20 bones dude. Even someone on welfare can afford that once a month unless you put yourself in extreme debt.

i dont understand how my frustration with blackouts makes an impact on my knoledge of football.

I agree with andy dobbs here, he's finally making sense.

Well... what about the guy who shelled out $60 for tickets and another $40 for beer/food because he thought the game was going to be blacked out?

The Lions have already lifted 2 blackouts and were playing their first home game in 3 weeks. Hardly asking much to expect fans to buy tickets to see last night's game.

And... as mentioned.... the Lions and all TV listings provide plenty of warning the local blackout is in effect.

The rule has been around for years, just like the NFL, that's not even a gate driven league.

jeez everybody just hated my comments on Sam Young.