Will Tiger Woods Win A Major (Again)?

Will Tiger Woods Win A Major (Again)?

Looked like today might be his day - but like the new balding Tiger, crouching dragon he's starting to come unravelled on the back 9 - - - - be lucky to stay in the red today - ITS THAT BAD NOW! RIGHT OUTTA THE BLUE!!!

No. Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 is safe.

...he showed today it’s certainly possible he’ll win a major again, but yeah, Jack’s record is safe...

Tiger is 43 and has had his body subjected to near double-digit operations the last 10 years - his game this week in Scotland was the best its been in nearly 10 years - a long rehab has taken its toll - Tiger showed great progress this week but finally broke down in the back 9 of the 4th round - usually a space he's owned during his 14 major wins.

This is NOT the Tiger of old - possibly a better golfer, a better thinker and a slightly more controlled temperament. But rust is rust and he just couldn't sustain himself when the slogging got sloggy!

My guess on Tiger is he plays 1/3 to 1/2 of PGA events for the next 2, perhaps 3 years - maybe eking out another 1 or 2 tour victories in non-major events.

As for majors - his window is shrinking rapidly - - - - he can't win the U.S. Open - that's far too much duress and the PGA usually dominated by one-time-johnnies who rabbit that event . . . . . so his hopes come down to the next 2 Masters, next year's British Open and perhaps one random major where he morphs into Old Tiger and crashes someone else's party!

No. Highly unlikely. The years are no athlete's friend.


In all seriousness I do think Tiger wins one more regular PGA tournament and contends (Top 5 or 6) in at least two or three of the next 10 majors - BUT WON'T WIN!

But because of his amazing record of 14 majors before the age of 31 and 2nd highest total of PGA wins (Sam Snead is #1) he attracts copious quantities of eyeballs to him.

When he finally hangs it up at 45/46 I see him mostly as a ceremonial golfer (throwing out the first shot at certain majors and premium events). Don't see him competing on the seniors circuit - although I could be wrong on that one - might try to do 1 year of seniors health-permitting and try to win a couple senior's majors!

While he may never win another major - I predict Tiger will end up in a massive showdown this weekend at Firestone!

He’ll be right there at the end - this may be his first tour win in many years!

Sounds like the very wet soft green conditions at the PGA Championship has seen approach shots even plugging at times on the greens during practice rounds. So players will be shooting right at the pins - but all the plugging and bumps in the greens as a result of that could result in some very wonky putting conditions.

Tiger needs another major, perhaps 2 or 3 regular tourney wins before he hangs his bag up - - -

      • mostly to cement his spot with all the greatest sports heroes and all their records - - ie.
  • Babe Ruth

  • Bobby Jones

  • Joe Dimaggio

  • Joe Louis

  • Hank Aaron

  • Pete Rose

  • Jack Nicklaus

  • Ben Hogan

  • Ali

He schlunked badly at last week's Firestone, he's a 50/50 call to player/coach in the international event vs. Europe and he tends to follow up a few great drives with schlunks into the woods. He's 25-1 to win the PGA - I can see him borderline to make the cut, nothing more.

Could be a playoff of Dustin "Gretzky" Johnson vs. Jason Day. But never rule out the english rose, Justin Rose!!

…might be a bunch of crow eating tomorrow by a few of you…

...and then he stalls at -8

Has a 22 ft. eagle putt to get into the final group with Monster Koepka - but he 3 putt schlunks, missing a 3 footer for birdie.

Still hovering at the top of the leaderboard.

He'll probably be 3 to 5 back going into Sunday. . . .

Real pressure on his game if thats the case - he can't put in a Hadwin type performance - he probably needs a 67 or 68 and then hope Koepka finds disaster!

Tiger looked strong to start the final round of PGA - moving to solo 2nd behind Koepka

but the wheels appear to be falling off as his timing and swing seem to be corrupting . . . .

He's 10 under thru 4 holes - but if he's wounded I suspect he'll have a tough time finishing -7 or -8, not even getting a top 10 finish! (As predicted btw)

Tiger proved me wrong! Guy's swing was all over the map - but he ground it out, shot a wonderful closing rd 64 (his lowest final round ever btw) and finishes either T2 or 2nd outright.

Best 2nd place finish in golf history, I'd say!