Will this teach Austin a Lesson

Austin should take full responsibility for this loss.. In this league it is not if your starting quarterback will be hurt but when will it happen. You need to give your backup quarterback as much playing time as possible. There have been at least 3 if not 4 games where Mathews could have played at least the entire 4th quarter. Going into tonights game Mathews had thrown a total of 9...yes count them 9 passes during the regular season and completed 6 of them. There is no replacement for taking live reps in a real game.

Then Matthews plays in a blowout... throws the ball cause that's the only way you actually get reps... and tasker gets hurt and you kill Austin for that too.
The lesson is if you are a competing for a grey cup you don't keep 2 rookies or you're playing with fire. Had we of signed KG or another veteran backup we would stI'll be the best team in the East.
And honestly 2 weeks of starters reps and a 2 game lead in the division, we could still be ok.

Just so I'm clear... We're all saying "I told you so" to the Coach that has lead his teams to the Grey Cup game every year he's been in the league because his 8-4, division leading team lost a game where his rookie backup QBs got schooled by what is statistically the best defence in the league?

Count me out of that group please and thank you. Austin has done nothing but make this team better since day one of his arrival. Let's not forget we were a laughing stock for a long, long time before he arrived. Now we've proven to be a very team deep with talent capable of dominating all three phases despite having a good portion of a CFL all star team on our IR.

I for one will give coach and his QBs several weeks, not several possessions before I even consider passing judgement on where we're at now with Zach's injury.

1 game lead and the RBs have a game in hand. But I agree we still could be OK.

Resurrect the "Fire Austin" thread....Unfriginbelievable :thdn:

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Dr. Kreskins we don't need -- unless they are orthopedic genises, gag testers, or off in some meadows testing bubblewrap with their fantasy rosters FFS.

Stupid thread.... Give your head a shake. :thdn:

I agree with this also, Well said, I think that Mathews has a lot of potential which we will start to see in the near future.

I have a question about Zach's knee injury
I am no doctor, but if my star QB is out for the rest of the game or perhaps much much longer,
Why on Earth, would the TiCats training and medical staff allow Collaros to be hobbleing around the sidelines with an ice bag taped to the side of his knee when there is a suspected ACL injury.
I can not see how this is good for a severely damaged knee?
What can they possibly be thinking???

Teach Austin a lesson? Really!
I think Austin has taught Hamilton fans a lesson over the last three seasons. That you can take a very average team and transform it into a dominant team, that can compete for the Grey Cup every year, and that the fans can be proud of for the first time in many many years.
Teach Austin a lesson? Geez

I doubt anyone making posts on this forum are going to teach Kent Austin any football lessons. Most teams do not have a quarterback who can step in and can play as well as the starter. Mathews has a great arm and all he needs is reps and most importantly, game time reps. I have watched and attended Tiger Cats games for many years and I have can't explain or understand the amount of injuries this team has had in the last 2 1/2 years. What is this team doing differently from other teams? Why is the oldest quarterback in the league playing at a high level? Don't get me wrong, I would not wish an injury for any team player. Is this team snake bitten or cursed? Can anyone provide a logical explanation why there are so many Tiger Cat players injured?

This is not a stupid thread at all he has become arrogant and cocky , some of our games were blowouts why run up the score , Our backups should have had game experience 9 throws doesn't cut the mustard in this league as QB's and injuries are rampant this year and teams like Montreal and Toronto have backups who have done a great job when Thrown into the fire! Ps: 5 grand is a joke he should have been suspended 1 game and watch the game with Bob in the Caretakers lounge :cowboy:

ACL is primarily for cutting. You can walk on an ACL. Its after the surgery he will struggle to walk for a bit. (So says my physio wife).
She also says dont be surprised if hes not ready for training camp next year.

Its easy to claim things like that. KG makes at least 200k, that means that if you have KG on your roster instead of Matthews you have to find around 120 to 130k of spare cash. That means two high priced guys have to go. Would you prefer having KG on the bench instead of Laurent and Butler on the field ?

The other thing is you end up like us in Montreal when your #1 retires you have absolutely no QB groomed to take over. In Collaros case he may go to the NFL after his contract is up for example.

As far as pulling Collaros from the game. You just don't do that when your starter is a young QB who you want to keep getting better and improve every week, which is very much part of Austin's mantra. Its also a little disheartening to your star player who's competing with others at his position throughout the league.

Should of ! Could of ! Would of ! Hindsight is always 20/20 :roll:

I'll second that (unless someone else beat me to it :smiley: ) Mathews did take a few snaps late in one game but what would have happened if by some fluke HE was injured in his limited playing time? Austin brought Mathews in and named him his #2 in spite of his inexperience for a reason. He has taken Zach from a good QB to the best QB in the league in only about a year (given that Zach missed time last season) so I'm sure he can, as you suggest coach Jeff up enough to at least be adequate and manage a game. We don't need to blow teams out, we just need to win a few more.

The only "Lesson" Austin needs to learn from this thread is that there are always fair weather fans who turn on their team and the coach who got them to the Grey Cup twice at the first sign of adversity.

Matthews looked great in the pre-season and great every other game he played in, what exactly would the armchair coach do differently not knowing how many reps or how he looks in practice?

Matthews was against the highest ranked defense in the league and had a single bad game. Cut the kid some slack.

When I posted the orginal thoughts on this it was not my intention at all to say that Austin should be replaced or that he was a bad coach. But no one is perfect and his biggest flaw this year was keeping his number 1 in to long in games that that were already won. We were lucky that Zach was not hurt earlier in the season. I have great confidence in both our HC and OC to get Mathews and office ready for the game in two weeks. But it would be nicer if Mathews had 50 to 60 passes under his belt before yesterday he has a great arm but need the experience at this level of reading defenses and handling the blitz.

With our defense we are still going to make it to the Grey Cup…our only real challange will come from Ottawa’s sack leading defence and our backup quarterbacks ability to operate under extreme pressure. But having said that both Austin and our OC can build a quick hitting offensive plan to get the ball out quickly.

No fans have to teach Kent Austin he's been around long enough in the game of football to know where he and his team are going and at 8-4 on this season, I say that's pretty darn good!

In regards to Zach like all fans, players and coach Austin, I hope it's not that bad of an injury, we will all know better once an MRI has been done on his knee and hopefully Zach will be back soon. We wish you well Zach, get back to full health soon!

The Tiger-Cats are a young team, filled with injuries and coach Austin and his Assistant coaches has done a great job in keeping the team on a winning track compared to other teams in this league or in previous years with this team.

With the starters we have out on injury currently you could easily build a great team in the CFL with the players we have injured if they were healthy. Soon we will see many of those players back at the right time heading towards the playoffs and right when we need them.

Obviously the bye-week break will help the team now to rest up a few players and evaluate others and get back to work making a solid run against Calgary at home next and to the end of the 2015 season.

Great teams find ways to win, stay positive and lets turn a defeat into many more wins!!


Could have not said it better myself...

By these so called fans logic... we should have dumped Zach before the season because he didn't win the Grey Cup... After all they also said it was a mistake to get rid Burris for a rookie who won a few games with Argos... Now they turn on 2 rookies after not even a full game...