Will this help Taffe's decision?

I recently read on this forum that Taffe was waiting to see if Bobby Ross was going to leave the coaching position at "Army", before making his decision. I hope that Ross has now signed back on for another year, will help Taffe decide to come coach our beloved Tabbies!! Come on Charlie..we need you!!!

Here's the link:

[url=http://www.recordonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061206/SPORTS/612060360]http://www.recordonline.com/apps/pbcs.d ... /612060360[/url]


THANK YOU, baffled-in-box b!!

It appears that the gods are smiling on us.

Can I relax now, rattlebonejones?

Why would it be certain Taaffe would get the Army job anyway? There must be dozens of as or more qualified coaches that would be after that job also.

I don't know much about Taaffe but is he that good. I'm just a new fan.

What ever happened to Paul Giamatti's attitude of only going after people who want to be here. Obviously Taaffe would rather be coaching in the States than here, so let him.

Charlie Taaffe coached in Montreal for four years.

The first 2 years as their Offensive Co-ordinator

In both years he was their Head coach, warcraft,
1999 and 2000, he was CFL Coach of the Year!

With him at the helm, the Als had a combined 25-14 record
(2 12-6 regular seasons and a 1-2 playoff record)
and they advanced to the 2000 Grey Cup finals.

Charlie Taaffe's offenses put up some lofty numbers.

In 2000, the Alouettes broke the all-time league record
for points in a regular season as they posted 594.

In 2000 he helped quarterback Anthony Calvillo
to a 112.9 pass efficiency rating
after a 108.9 rating led the league.

Running back Mike Pringle also excelled in Taaffe's system,
as he ran for a league-best 1,656 yards in 1999.

Thanks Ronfromtigertown for the information He sound great to me Warcraft

i to am getting tired of his attitude . I know he would rather be in the states coaching so i`m wondering if he would just be settling here rather than REALLY wanting to be here ?? And if he is hired and then a position comes available after next season what happens then ??


Gawdd people, life is about choices! How many of you jump at the first opportunity presented?

Salary, length of employment, working conditions, amount of authority all play a role in the decisions of the average worker, so why would it be different in pro sports.

I've had the opportunity to move to Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Alberta for work. I chose to take a promotion here instead because of the things I mentioned above were better here than in those places. Does that make me have an attitude? No, it makes me a person who wants to do the best thing for himself and for his family.

If there are dozens more qualified coaches out there...then why the problem to get a coach! :roll:

Don't forget your sign!

He is a super good football coach who, according to this news article, has found himself on the wrong side of the bottle a few times:


Maybe we'll have our own little Toronto here. A place of redemption for football vets.

What "problem" are you referring to, woody?

Acording to CHTV's Ken Welch..

Our Gm is hoping to meet with Charley
Next week..

Like I said...

Don't forget your sign. :roll:

I have no problem with Taffe coaching anywhere he wants to . The question is would he be here for the long term or just till something more appealing comes along ? Would be nice to not have to worry about our coach leaving or looking for or being interested in other jobs while he`s working here .

Just curious if people think that if there was no mandated Canadian content rule if it would be easier to lure coaches from the States up here with the thinking they wouldn't have to be tied into playing so many Canadians but could recruit from whereever. Not that I am suggesting this would be a good thing, just wondering if this might have some effect with recruiting American coaches.

Yes, and the problem is to find a coach with "OUR GAME" experience and a good track record!

That limits the field and those that are good are usually working! Marcel has the chore of finding the Best Available at a price!

I think our Canadian content rule has very little a influence
with American coaches because few recognize it's significance.

In any case, we are never going to get the top NCAA coaches.

We can't compete with the money they make at home,

or the respect and honour they have for these prestigious jobs.

As in all professions, the top people 'follow the money'

Not necessarily Ron about all professions the top people following the money all the time. Sometimes people who are not the top at all, but have other skills like fancy talking and smooshing but little otherwise, get the money, or in other cases, money just follows some people despite their lack of skill.

definately, the American teams had no problems finding big name coaches, like Jack Parde in Birmingham and Ron Meyer in Vegas. American coaches and gm's in this league think of the CIS as being even weaker than American division 3 schools.