Will this forum be closed?

Will the gades forum be closed?

I vote no

It shouldn't be if the team really is going to come back for 2007, which i highly doubt..

no way, I'd like to hear Gades fans opinions on the 2006 season.

i couldn't really care less about the 2006 season.

It will be closed not like there's alo to talk about.

They should rename it Quebec City or Halifax!

You tell' em, KK. :wink:

No, it should not be closed. Why would it be? If Ottawa is not giving up on the CFL, why should we give up on them?

Even if Ottawa doesn't have a team for one season(or more) it doesn't mean fans can't still post about what they would like to see happen, or memories from the past seasons, or anything. I for one think this board should stay open, quite honestly who is it hurting? The league gave up on the team, don't give up on the fans, let them have their say.

The league suspended the team, they didn't "give up" on them. If someone comes along who they think can make football work again in Ottawa, they will strongly consider them. And if no one after a year, then it will be hasta la vista baby for good. Hope this doesn't happen though.

I agree KK, let us speak mind you do nto know how much CFL I will watch anyways

I wish I could speack my mind as well to Snows stupid comment, but that isn't happening.

looks like I'll be writing a pm to CFLpm soon to have the mods replaced.

but anyway, you guys should still be able to voice you opions on the 2006 season and follow the other teams, and the former gades players. Plus heard updates on the sale of the gades and adtivation for 2007.


Do you have any info on the 2007 season, is there goign to be one?

nothing definet, excapt that local was gonna buy the team and reactivate it for 2007.

Maybe David Braley will move the Lions there since BC Place will be blown up in 2010.

Actually, why wait till 2010......Maybe I can find a reliable source that will confirm reports that he is moving the Lions there next year! :wink:

I think someone said after 2010 mate, and I'd hate to see Vancouver without the CFL, unless it gets hit by a tsunami in 2013 joke

No Joke, West Coast of Vancouver Island got hit by a Tsunami....except, by the time it reached the shore, it was reduced to 23 inches high......... It was a false alarm.....It was reduced to the height of a passing motor boat.....

close call.

that is somewhat funny though, AH WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!!!! not.... ok.... :lol:


I heard a rumor the CFL doesnt want this guy because he is too much like Lonie is this true.