Will this be the year we see the first crossover win?

In all the previous years with the crossover, no crossover team has ever won the semi-final. Will Edmonton be able to knock off Winnipeg at home?

Not only Winnipeg, but they could give Montreal all they can handle also.

Eh... I don't know. I voted Edmonton makes the East Final only because I'm an Eskimos fan. Winnipeg has home field, and Edmonton has only won 7 games on the road in the last 3 seasons.

Prior to last night, I think I would have said that Edmonton would win the cross over ESF. Now, not sure. I think they need a big game next week to get some confidence back.

Right now it depends on Glen and Dimwittie and how fast they bounce back from thier injuries

Glenn could have played he just bent his thumb wrong, Dinwiddies injury doesnt look too serious like a sprained ankle, hurts and you limp for a couple days, but will be fine. INTERESTING TIMES thats for sure.

Glen should be ok for the semi....Prob Dimwittie as well they both have 2 weeks to heal.

The 3rd stringer didn't do to bad either

I think the Eskimos have a good chance to beat Winnipeg.They had a off night against the Riders thats all it happens to every team now and then.If Edmonton get themselves regrouped and start firing on all cyclinders then they have a heck of a chance.Basicly the and no offnce to the bombers or there fans its Edmontons game to lose.

Ordinarily, I'd agree with you, rider, but considering this was our second no-show in about a month, I'm a little concerned. Danny M. better have a good game plan.


Edmonton will lose the Quarterfinal, then fire Mahchokecha.

I only say this because, I still don't think that the Head Choke of the Eskies is that good - when it comes to coaching.

Edmonton's defence is pretty atrocious. Thunder and lightning will roll all over them. Bombers confused and flustered Cavillo a great deal yesterday which I have not seen team really do all year. That tells me they appear to be finally rounding into form. Frito Ray's o-line better come prepared or he'll get smacked around like this past weekend! GO BLUE!

With the way these teams got it together at the end of the season, I think this is going to end up being a great game.

I still think it’s gonna be the Bombers taking it at home. Maybe this is Milt’s year.

The long range forecast doesn't look to hot either, freezing rain and snow, could be a blooper game.

Ugh... I'm all for playing football in the elements, but I hate watching sloppy football.

Actually, that forecast favours the Eskimos in one way: the anticipated Winnipeg "crowd" of about 21,000 will shrink to about 18,000 with the thread of any sort of precipitation. There will be virtually no home field advantage for the Bombers.

Looks like half of us are wrong so far. Maybe I should change my vote.

Congrats to the Eskimos for making crossover history.