Will this be the end of Corey Holmes in Hamilton?

I would trade Holmes for Brazzell.
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If Holmes is an asset and we are not using him, then make a trade and get something we can.

Otherwise, start using him.

We have jesse for this year only. He will end up in the nfl

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Paper work Fowel ups got you Edwards.
He should be in Montreal
I'd Love to have him
I thought Be Somthing Special Last Season.

Holmes should have been utilized as a SB when he got here, now I'm afraid it's too late. I think if there is a possibility of trading him, MD should pull the trigger, for Corey's sake. If not, release him outright and hope another team picks him up. Holmes deserves the ball. Also, after Lumsden's performance last night (and the offensive-lines) he won't be heading to the NFL for at least a little while.

Remember Joffery Reynolds came from the NFL, after being cut by the Rams because he couldn't make third string on a team that had no real back-up running back at the time (pre-Jackson, post-Faulk's career going down the tubes).

Holmes hasn't been used as most of us have wanted and I'm starting to think the reason is that he hasn't earned the chance.
His kick returns have been sub par. You can -- and will -- talk about blocking. I watch other returners and sometimes when they are surrounded they escape. Sometimes. Not Holmes this year.

I found it interesting to read how Davis has been kept on the active roster all year even though he hasn't played. There must be plans for him........
It isn't going to be replacing Jesse....

:roll: ST is to blame not Corey wake up and smell the Tims Corey is a great player and leader its not his fault this is a stupid post delete it ASAP :lol:

He is part of the Special Teams…the biggest part…he, as a result, has to share in the blame.

Holmes has had a very good career as a receiving back ... how about moving him to slot and getting him the ball 8-10 times a game.

I remember another little running back that was converted to slot late in his career and did a great job ... Archie Amerson !!! Darren Flutie was no giant either !

I teach my players that speed means nothing if you cant catch a ball .... Holmes has great hands !

Anyone else think Holmes would have caught either or both of the balls Bauman dropped late last night ???

I will never ever understand the coaching techniques of Charlie Taffe !!!! 2nd and long and he throws a short out route ... 5 yards short of the first down marker .... last night ... 3rd and 6 and throws the ball 35 yards downfield when the defence is in prevent alignment.

Still dont agree with kicking the field goal with two minutes left on 3rd and 4 or whatever it was. If you cant complete a 5 yard pass ... quit playing this game !!!!!

Everyone keeps reading the press clippings from three seasons ago when Homes did something. Players should be evaluated on what they bring to the table now. If the guy has a role on this team I don't know what it is. Move him and let someone else play.

corey holmes benifeted from playing in sask all those years.

notice, he leaves and armstead picks up right where he left off?


i say:
trade holmes, and if u cant move him, then cut him and give his salary to lumsden to get him to stay.

why arn't THEY using Corey HOLMES?
Even Suitor said that Holmes gives them another dimension and THE defence must defend differently,instead of coming right at Lumsden. They must be hesitant against Holmes or he will go right around them. They would be a great tandem, but Lumsden by himself can't do it. Guys, Holmes can play......
And they are PRO COACHES?

LMAO!!!!!! Rocky Butler?????????????? LMAO!!!!!!!
Put your helmet back on before you hurt yourself!!!!!

just another anti Maas wasted post!
How has Maas hurt Corey on the kick return????
Corey may be good but he isn't getting it done back there!!!!!! no fault to Maas!!!

Corey is not getting any blocks. Most of his returns the opponent are always right on top of him. 5 yards is not alway a head start.

I never said Maas has hurt Holmes. Coming to Hamilton has killed Holmes just like many others who have come through in the past year or so. Maas manages to turn good receivers into below average receivers very quickly partly because of his bad throws and partly because he can’t sustain drives long enough to get good players the ball often enough. How can Vaughn be a consistent 1,000 yard receiver, come to Hamilton and all of a sudden fall well short. That waa a particular problem last year.
As for Rocky Butler, I wouldn’t bet against him. He looked pretty good Friday night with the argos. I didn’t get a chance to see the whole game but I did see a 50-yard td pass to Bruce. Haven’t seen that from our boy. Don’t forget Butler’s only been practising with TO for a few weeks. Give him time. he will have something to prove on Labour Day…

Actually, despite mediocre performances and playing for a bad team, he's starting to look pretty good--he certainly made a number of beautiful passes this last game, in particular the TD pass to Bruce. One thing's for sure, he can go deep when need be, and so who knows where we'd be had he stuck around.

If the cats don't start using Chang soon, no doubt he'll leave asap and probably benefit some other team like so many other players rejected by the Cats have ended up doing...

Glad to see the anti-Maas crew once again hijack a thread. This thread is about the play of Corey Holmes, NOT the play of Jason Maas.

Grow up and get a life.

ya know i'm getting sick of this board and that exact thing happening to EVERY thread!

before long it'll just be the anti's board!!! and by the they can stuff it!!!

I think you have to give Holmes a chance before you write the guy off. He really has not had a chance to perform over the past two years. Not only that, but Lumsden may have been hurt last game and we would be counting on Holmes to step in. It never hurts to have a guy like that ready to step in when there are injuries.