Will this be the Don of a new Era in Cat Football????

Will Don Mathews be the new head coach in Hamilton for 2007 and beyond??? With our new GM "Desi" at the helm of the Cats and Ex-Al's executive having previously worked with the "Don" of the Al's and the top coach in the CFL with the most wins, he may be headed our way for next year. The whole health issue seams to be somewhat sketchy in most fans of the CFL and media minds and I think he just wanted out of Montreal and time to take on a new challange with a team like the Tiger-Cats, because let's face it any coach who steps into the Tiger-Cat Head Coaches shoes are in for a real challange to make this club into a winner or at least a contender again, so many have tried and all failed. This team needs a new QB, Jason Maas could be great as a back up but we need a good starter, someone not afriad of throwing the long ball, instead of that consistant wide out crap that usually ends up in a loss not a gain. Lets hope the Management of the Cats pick a Winner at Coach for next season and a Winner at QB because the Fans deserve a Winner in Hamilton again!!

Cheers, Eat Em Raw 2007!!!!!

Hopefully not. New HC new OC = no more wide-out-flat-crap plays.

No kidding! :thup:

No way is the Don a possibility. However, anyone who would turn their nose up at a healthy Don dont know football.

..........You take him then.

in a heartbeat if he were healthy, except that we got the second best guy so there is not much point.

"Jason Maas could be great as a back up..."

A $350,000 a yr back up? Isn't that spot usually reserved for $40,000/yr schmuck in Hamilton?

Don Matthews? After the way he departed Montreal this years? Are you having a nightmare of a nightmare?

(no offense! - just my opinion that might seem offensive)

Please: NOT Matthews !

What he said!

Don would be great .That is what this team of slackers need ,is a good kick in the jewels from the don himself.

I think he's to old,even if he did come here how long would he be here for?We need some stability in Hamilton,we need something long term.

We get 3 years out of him,we will be laughing.

Never! Will not happen!

I think a 67 year old coach is not the way. You need someone who can hopefully be an effective coach for a while. Still, Don Matthews has been a winner everywhere he's gone.

I think The Don may be done this time unless he can make a health come back first…but IF he could coach the Ticats you would see about ten players from this years team still here in 07…and that’s only because Canadians are hard to replace.