Will This Be Casey Printer's Year?

Please give your opinion on the basis of his strengths and weaknesses. He knows how to rack up the offensive yardage and with receivers like Jackson and Simon who knows what Printers will do? Please don't use this thread as a sounding board to denigrate the guy. I'm not asking whether you like the guy or not. Start your own thread if you want to go that route.

Casey has got talent and a wicked throwing arm. By the sounds of it he's also made some attitude corrections and wants to be a team player. Personally I think he will be good for the team, regardless of his past record. The games he played in towards the end of the season last year were all good games.

But will Casey have the needed protection to get the job done? Last year our QBs were sitting ducks for the opposition's defensive line and they knew it.

What do you think his strengths and weaknesses are at this time? If ever there was a year for Casey to wipe out once and for all, the bad memories fans might have of him it is the 2010 season coming up.

he got the physical skills. I question his smarts.

I don't question Casey's smarts...he is a smart football player...Casey just needs to learn to trust...trust that his line will create and hold a pocket for him, that his WRs will get open and catch the ball...what we need is for Casey to flash that elusive brilliance only a few times a game and not on every offensive down...he has tons of talent around him and he is going to have a break out season...

The 2 biggest things for the Lions this year will be the OLine and the defensive secondary...I think we have a MLB in Hailey from Hamilton, so another CB, Halfback and Guard/Tackle combo...the rest of the team is loaded with talent.

Go Lions!

If he comes on strong and has a few great years would he try the NFL again?

Good question. I doubt it. A few "good" years from now and he would be 32. I'm not sure NFL teams would want to look at a guy from the CFL who would be looking at age 35 in a year or two. I also think the competition would be too stiff for him.

They had a good look at him when he tried out down there and he was not picked up by any other NFL team.

If he has a couple of good years I think he will try and make his home in B.C. or go to whatever team can use what he has to offer. What he was getting paid in Hamilton was nothing to sneeze at. It takes some people 10-15 years to earn what he received in a single season.

Let's hope he stays injury free and has a great season!

I think the question is wether the offensive line can protect him or not. Hopefully WB can find a O lineman or two.