will they win again

lost to a 41 year back up qb, davis missed 9 tackles tonight, 8 on 2nd downs that would have prevented a fist down.

I called it weeks ago that they wouldn't win again and other than squeaking by a team in turmoil vs Montreal they wouldnt have.. This team is in shambles and they will not win again In my opinion! Defence is so brutal.

Yeesh, we lost by a point. We will get them next week.


Doom and Gloom...yep 17 years of it and counting

That must put him, alone, well over the 50 mark, in that category this season. He's the worst tackler on the team, if not among all starters in the league.

Been a problem all season long. Ticats secondary can't tackle. Every game you see the same thing. Players running an extra five yards after contact

I am sorry I will bounced, from this forum BUT this team is brutal, our OC,, DC, and Head coach are totally out of sync with this team and they are NOT worthy of being part of a 9 team league, and should be ashamed of the brutal display tonight!!!! With no changes, I , and probably 75% of the base are DONE! When will everyone admit Austin is the NOT the be all , end all of the TiCats?????????????????

Totally agree, Davis couldn't tackle my fish in a bowl!!!!!!! Brutal display!!!!!

It was a close game but we were outplayed by Ottawa with more intensity and a desire to win. Just look at the hits last night by Ottawa defenders much harder and more intense on Ti-Cat players, it's like they were driving them into the ground on hits.

I thought the Cats are supposed to represent the "Hammer" as in meaning to hammer the other team and players but not this bunch so far.

Henry Burris made the difference on offence for the Redblacks with his desire to win, at 41 plus the guy used his feet to get the job done on a TD run and a late fourth quarter run for a first down and a clock burner on time.

If Hamilton really wants to win it's time the players step up and prove it, a win next week in Ottawa would only prove that this team could be heading in the right direction, still with more to prove!!

Been a problem all season long. Ticats secondary can't tackle. Every game you see the same thing. Players running an extra five yards after contact

Can't tackle or cover .

We can bounce back and win next week in Ottawa.
The RB's then have a home and home with a tough Western team in Winnipeg who are HOT & beat BC last night in BC!!.
We still have a good shot at first place with a win next Friday :cowboy:
Nice to see a running game last night !

While we haven't even clinched a playoff spot (today's games will have a big impact on what is needed) the game next week against Ottawa is huge for us and while not a must win it is a needed win as a loss means we cannot catch Ottawa for first.

For First:
Toronto needs 3 wins to take first- 3 games to play (5 points behind)
Montreal needs 4 wins to take first- 4 games to play (7 points behind)
Both of these teams it would look like first is out of the question

Hamilton must win next week or will be 5 points behind with 2 games left. If they win then they would be 1 point behind and still a chance to get first (Ottawa plays Winnipeg 2X and very possible they could lose both games. Hamilton plays Edmonton and Montreal. Ottawa goes 1-1 Hamilton would have to go 2-0. Ottawa goes 0-2 Hamilton has to split

Toronto/ Montreal lose this weekend a cross over will take place, as both of these teams would not be able to match Edmonton's 16 pts.

East Division 2nd place
Toronto need to win 2 of their 3 to stay in the play-off race Montreal needs to win 3 of their 4 to stay in the play-off race

IF Toronto/Montreal lose today, Hamilton would need only 1 win in their final 3 and what a better way than beating Ottawa next week

It's never over til the fat lady sings....so they say

I like our chances for the play-offs and then well as they say....on any given Sunday......

Second still a strong possiblity for Cats. First, IMO, is a pipe dream. More importantly, we need some wins. I thought they played better last night than they have for a while, but we need to go into the playoffs on a winning, not a losing, streak.

But to answer the post question, I am thinking Ottawa is an outside possibility for a win, Edmonton a loss, and Montreal a probable. So, one more win to finish a 7-11. Then one and out against Edmonton in the play-offs.

Sit back and enjoy the next 3 weeks, they certainly will be entertaining (I hope)

I think that the Esks will be in Hamilton for the East semi is a given. Anything can happen in the playoffs but Edmonton is a good team that has lost too many close games to very good west opponents.
If they knock off the Ticats in the semi there is a good chance that they will beat Ottawa in the final. I just don't want to see a Calgary/Edmonton Grey Cup in Toronto.

If the 'Cats don't make the GC (and they are), a Calgary-Edmonton final is what I would want because if there is any team I'd like to see get smashed on the national stage, it's Edmonton. Just sayin'... :thup:

We had better win this next game otherwise going to be difficult vs Edmonton and (don't laugh) our final game against Montreal is no easy feat. Montreal defence is playing amazingly ( they are just on the field too long these days and get tired) and if the offence should ever get their act together, WATCH OUT!!!! I am worried just a bit.

Sure they will...if our DC would get off his butt and start teaching his guys to tackle & wrap them up instead of looking for the news reel highlight hits and forget about zone coverage (except in a blitz situation, which they don't do enough)...try some man to man. The offense played well & I believe they would have won if the defense would have stepped up and maybe force some turnovers & some 2 & outs.

If the Ticats don't win this week, then the last two games will likely mean nothing. I'm assuming Calgary will beat both Toronto and Montreal and we'll have second place locked up with 6 wins. How pathetic.

Really hoping Zach is back this week. O line looked to be improved last week & I think he would play well against Ottawa.