Will they stay or will they go?

With the recent re-signing of Dave Stala, I was wondering whom else on our roster will be up for FA this year if we do not act.

I know Chris Bauman, Jamall Johnson, Geoff Tisdale and Adam Nicolson but is there more?

We need to sign Johnson and Tisdale, they would be hard to replace.

Re-signing JJ is an absolute must. Tisdale less so, but he still needs to be brought back. I suspect Nicolson will probably be retained if only because he's a Canadian WR. Of course, perhaps the team has confidence in someone like Glenn McKay and will let Nicolson walk to make room for McKay.

I think Jeff will Resign after Check out his NFL Chances..
Jamall will Resign
Will lose Bauman and Nicolson to Toronto or Winnipeg

Work your magic Obie. :thup: Then you wonder how long Obie will be staying, hell I'm getting worried. :?

Boys whats Otis Floyds contract and whats his options ?

I think it's 2 years and an option but i'm not 100% sure.I know he got a raise.