Will they ever shut-up.

When is Suitor going to lean to shut his yap when there is a penalty?
He goes on and on and on yapping away so we cant hear what the penalty is. At one point I thought the Als were going for it on 3rd and 15. Finally he decided to say "oh by the way there was a penalty giving Mtl a first down."

Welcome to Suitors moronic world.

i thought they were going 3rd and 15 too....i was so confused there....cuz then they threw incomplete, and got another chance....

And When They're Interviewing A Player After A Big Score Right Before Going To Commercial. They Spent God Knows How Much Money On That "Mic'd" Segment, And They Go And Get A Player Who Doesn't Say A Word, Barrenechea, And When Any Other Player Actually Talks To The Camira When The Annoucer's Not Saying Anything Important Anyways. They're Just Resighting Their Useual Jibberish. Am I Wrong? I'm Not Listening To Them Anyways Cause I'm Trying To Listen To The Players Little Speech To Which Ever Family Member He Thinks Is Watching Back Home. But I'd Really Like To Beable To Here Which Family Member That They're Talking To Or What The Case May Be.

Back To My First Point, I Really Enjoy Hearing What The Players Are Saying. They're The Ones That I Tuned Into Watch In The First Place.


I Know, I Re-Read It Right After Posting And I Noticed It Didn't Make Any Sense. My Main Point Was That Suitor Just Just Stop Talking For The 5 Seconds Before The Station Goes To Commercial

Much better Bamboo and yes I agree with you!

I was confused, too. We were all celebrating the incompletion and expecting the punt...we didn't see the flag...then they call out a roughing penalty and the Als have a first down. They didn't show it on the board, so I thought, "Hm, I'll have to find out what he did when I get home."

Not that I would ever videotape a football game without the express written consent of the Canadian Football League and TSN. :wink: That would be wrong!

But I check it out and they don't show it on TV either, and just said, oh, by the way, the Als got a first down because of a penalty to Cheatwood.

I'm not complaining about the penalty itself...I just want to know what happened! :?

I cant complain about the penality because I have no idea what it was because what's his face cant shut up for 10 seconds.

He's knowledgeable but Glen "Wanna Be John Madden" Suitor annoys me to the point where I mute the TV for a few minutes just to get a break. I wish he would shut the ____ up sometimes. He's like the Energizer bunny.

If I Can Pick On The Other Overweight Madden Wanna Be, Chris Walby. In Todays Game There Was An Interception By Hebert And Just Before He Was Pushed Out Of Bounds He Tried To Lateral To Collier Which Didn't Work At All. And It Almost Allowwed Toronto To Get The Ball Back. When Hebert Sat Down On The Bench Collier Came Over To Ask Him About What He Was Trying To Do. Now I Personally Wanted To Hear What His Answer Was, But Unforunately For Me Walby Would Rather Listen To His Owe Voice. So I Will Never Get To Find Out The Reason For Hebert's Random Throw Over His Head.

Suitor is worse IMO. Walby I can handle but Suitor goes on and on and on yes like that stupid rabbit!


Why use all words with capitalized letters? It just makes it harder to read and makes me stop reading before then end.

Am I alone?

No, I've often wondered that myself. Bamboo, you have interesting insights, but it's tough to follow with all the capitalization in your post. Plus, I can't see how that's easy to type, always shifting. I get bored enough capitalizing the ones I have to, never mind all of them.