Will they ever install instant replay in the CFL??

Im a new forum member, and Im sure this topic has been brought up before. But is it me or is the officiating in the CFL, mediocre at Best?? I know we have been on the bad end on many calls this season. But it seems like every game the officials are making some bad calls? Opinions?

Not sure if your topic question is serious - but if it is, we do have instant replay challenges already. :slight_smile:

thanks rjs1.

My mind went blank there. But it seems like some of these really bad calls aren`t even reviewed this year. But I will have to pay more attention to the instant replay and the rules on when the coaches can throw the red flag.

Calling the CFL refs mediocre at best is a compliment :wink:

I know, it just seems that the really bad calls never get overturned, maybe i`m biased from all the bad calls against the cats this year. But maybe they improve the refereeing in this league.