Will there EVER be a US TV deal?

Whats the embarrassment?

The CFL's TV "package" in the US. Seems there are some public access channels with greater market penetration than A1.

That carrier sounds simply like a whole bunch of bad ideas and failed plans all lashed together under the America One banner. Which of course no one can see anyway....

I'm beginning to think it would be more effective if the CFL could find a away to just create it's own seasonal satellite channel that ONLY shows CFL games and nothing else.

thats the best idea for sure. a CFL channel... it doesnt even have to be seasonal. it could show old games and interviews during the off season... lots of stuff.. i mean come on.. i have a sundance movie channel now... and Movieola... and crap load of other channels no one watches. so why not a CFL channel? i am sure it would get more viewers then suntv.

If there is an NFL Network, there darn well ought to be a CFL Network. It works for the NBA,MLB,NHL, and ESPN U (college sports), so why can't it work for the CFL? :smiley:

With regards to a CFL network, anybody remember this?


I don’t. Assuming wiki is believable, it’s been tried, but they had to pull the plug.

The CFN was just the league producing their own games and syndicating them to interested stations. It leasted two years or so.

Once upon a time, both CBC and CTV showed games. When CTV pulled out, the league needed to show the games that the CBC didnt want. After a few years of this, TSN had enough of a reach to step in.

I started a petition in 2008 that many people signed for a decent tv contract in 2009. I shopped it around to ALL the major sports networks down here every time someone knew signed it. Bottom line??? It's america folks and if the sport isn't american it isn't shown! Case in point. ESPN will show Poker instead of CFL. POKER for crying out loud! a freaking card game!!! Sports from other countries will never get large exposure in this country simply because the powers that be don't want americans to know that there are other and BETTER sports from around the world. Between Cable, Satellite, and C-Ban Satellite we have an amazing choice of channels in this country. Unfortunately, when it comes to programming, for all the money they charge, we have no choice.

Geo is absolutely correct. More than financial there is a political agenda here by these old-time media moguls, which is why thankfully we have the internet where more folks are going now just like they have away from old media like newspapers and radio.

In due time we'll get ours, but it sure is taking a long time as they run more crap on cable TV than ever nowadays.

I might be inclined to agree with you guys. The problem is that there are channels that show soccer from England. There's a channel that shows international sports like rugby and Austrailian rules football (Setanta Sports)... any network could take the TSN feed (as A1 does) and just show the games. No one wants to do that though. I like the idea of a CFL channel. Heck, here in the States there's a MLB channel, even though some teams have their own channels now... (Yankees have YES, and the Indians have STO- Sports Time Ohio as examples). They are 24/7 stations that show other programming in addition to their own team. Its crazy. I don't see why the CFL couldn't do such a thing. It would be cool to carry not only CFL games, but CIS as well. Those kids deserve the national spotlight as well. That is how you grow the sport. In regards to a U.S. tv deal, the problem with having a CFL channel (an a.d.d. side moment: I would name the station "Channel 55") is the same as with TSN... Those of us south of the border are not allowed to pick up the signal on satellite. Since U.S. exposure is not on the immediate horizon, I don't see why they don't just allow U.S. satellite to pick up TSN full-time. We only see it when NHL Center Ice package games from TSN are on, but then they turn the signal off. Why can't we buy a package that includes TSN as an option? It would be cheaper and easier for TSN and the CFL to allow more access to their great game. I know I'm just dreaming here, but at this point, that's about all we yanks got...

I laugh at this whole topic...
The CFL needs to first get a TV deal in Canada before they can consider getting one in the USA.
Anyone with half a brain can decipher this by looking at the olympic TV numbers that TSN is nothing but a second teir cable channel in this country.
Tom Wright was a moron by not demanding that CTV show atleast one game a week while showing the playoffs and Grey Cup entirly on CTV.
The CFL lost atleast 2 million viewers by not having the Grey Cup on CTV..
The most damaging part of all of this is that thre are literally millions of kids in this country who do not even know that the CFL exsits...
Of the 4 million homes that do not get TSN in this country... I would have to say that their are atleast 4 million kids under the age of 18...who have not had access to a CFL game in the last 2 years...
Of these kids... 1 milion of them will grow up to be causual to avid NFL fans.... NONE OF THEM WILL BE CFL FANS....
The CFL is now nothing but a fringe sport instead of a mainsteam sport./...and they sold this for less then 10 million dollars over a five year span...
Basicly...for what an average team pays their top player,excluding the starting QB, the CFL sold about 30% of their future fans to the NFL.
Don't believe this this crap, that if you love the CFL ...you will go get cable or a dish...
Kids....have no choice ,and watch what their parents provide for them.

do you even want the cfl to be around?

You better believe the CFL will be around, and wiil be for a long, long time............... :wink:

Haven`t you moved to Australia already..

As much as I would like the CFL to be widely available to American fans in some form, the reality is the CFL is not dependent on that market to survive. Unlike the NHL, where a TV deal in the US is absolutely crucial, the CFL will go on just fine as a Canada-only entity. Everything else is gravy. The CFL should operate as though the USA were an afterthought, not the be-all end-all the NHL assumes it is.

I can haz grumpiness today.

i think you are missing the point a little bit. it not about just expanding the viewing audience for mere ratings, but to do what the telvision media was orriginally intended. to reach a broad audience as a service, not just a money maker. The fact is there are Fans outside of Canada who want to watch the CFL. They should be able to do so.

I'd go a step further. How many of these kids don't even have over-the-air TV access? Why should they miss out? They should be taken, for free, to the nearest CFL city and given game tickets. Or, if travel costs are prohibitive, or they feel self-conscious about being in a stadium full of other people, the league should create a list of these people, and arrange to play home games in their yards! That's right, why should someone not get to experience a live game just because they don't live near a CFL city and are too poor or are otherwise unable to travel? And to simply say they can watch it on TV is a cop-out. No way, I say. If l'il Timmy in Oshawa can't go to a game because his dad lost his job as a Toyota accelerator safety inspector, then damnit the CFL needs to get a couple teams on a bus and head over to Oshawa so Timmy can watch a game. They should bring sticks and nets too so if he gets bored with football, they can switch to street hockey for awhile.

CFL, you da man!

Artie you crack me up sometimes LMAO. :lol:

Hey Artie, is that deal also available for Londoners? I'd love to have the Esks play a game on my lawn.

I can't see why not. According to CFL, the less effort you make to watch a CFL game, the more you deserve something handed to you. After all, according to CFL we've lost four million kids who've never had a CFL team play on their lawn. And that's an outrage.