Will there EVER be a US TV deal?

You're one paranoid dude. Look, to the average guy from, say, Charlotte, or Macon, the CFL is gonna look a little weird. Giant field, striped ball, 2 50 yard lines, all kinds of players on the field. It's not a qualitative statement, just an observation from someone else's point of view.

The first thing my American friends usually notice is the unlimited motion. Though it piques their interest.

There is very little if any emotional connection to any CFL team down here, so it's kind of a tough sell after August.

Most U.S. broadcasters mention the CFL with a chuckle, seem,s they don't really regard the Canadian version of down football, as the "real" football played in the states. The fact is no Canadian football is rated with American football, down south.ncaa/cis or cfl/nfl and until its recognized as "real" football, there will be no change in the status quo-IMO__- Or a CFL U.S. presence in major markets.

For some strange reason, people do have a bizarre reaction down here in the States to 3 down football. They do tend to have an almost spiteful reaction to the CFL when you bring it up in casual conversation. Not all react that way, but a surprising number of folks do. I work in local media and the sports anchors, columnists and broadcasters from not only my local area, but around the region as well, look at the CFL as some sort of alien being. I always defend the CFL but I think that the biggest reason that casual fans in the U.S. are not receptive to the CFL is because it is uniquely Canadian. If it was an American product, they might be more receptive. I mean look at Arena football. They have multiple men in motion and have different rules and field size, but people still go and watch. While hockey is also Canadian, there are U.S. based NHL teams and minor pro teams and junior programs here as well as in Canada. I'd love to see U.S. based teams in the CFL but we all know that would be a pipe dream. So I reckon that while there is a market here for CFL football, we're just going to be ignored again for another season.

Too true. It begs the obvious question about why somebody from Northern Manitoba would would be a NY fan. But hey, I mean its New York and LA. New York and LA! Throw in a little Miami action. A dose of Dallas. I wonder why we have any US fans. What does Winnipeg and Hamilton mean to you? Or the Maritimes. Like, why wouldn't you cheer for it. The NFL logo (the old one at least), is America. And why shouldn't it be? NY, MI, SD, SE.

Enviable coverage.

With regard to the CFL and other sports not so popular in the US, let's not ignore that there are far more people like those of us Americans on here who don't bother to allow the media to shove their agendae upon us any more and seek out sports and entertainment for ourselves. :slight_smile:

Go to www.channelsurfing.net for any sports action you are not getting on your TV -- for free and with no signing up. Sometimes you do have to download software. That's where I caught a lot of CFL action last year.

Sure there will be many homer folks everywhere who will swallow whatever their local lame media play for them, but those of us who choose our own agenda are a growing number. :wink:

Most Baby Boomer media types still on TV and the like, who are the same folks who have been on the last 20 years, obviously have zero career interest to understand these changes. :thdn: :thdn:

Consider the dated way in which the Olympics were covered in the US. The IOC will not grant licenses any more to any outfit for covering the games in that way as was acceptable in the early 1990s. :thup:

Thankfully the media will move on and catch on once a lot of these old stodgy types die off, and those who allow subscribers to choose more of their content and more importantly to cut out more of the crap, akin to our spam buckets in our e-mail and the like, will prevail. :thup:

re-p x wrote-"With regard to the CFL and other sports not so popular in the US, let's not ignore that there are far more people like those of us Americans on here who don't bother to allow the media to shove their agenda upon us any more and seek out sports and entertainment for ourselves."_________ i think the same could be said of many CFL fans in Canada, esp in the Golden Horseshoe , Many people here are like COOL , they want to see Toronto playing American team,s . that's their right , if they so wish, However some here can see that a pro team from Saskatchewan can be just as good as a team from NY.NY. sand lot football-?? http://archives.cbc.ca/sports/business_ ... lips/9208/ _ ------ a kool Flutie interview from 1991 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-XunGM4sew Of note__ The RUN and SHOOT offence was an early version of the west coast and spread offences now used in the sand lot league ?? i mean the NFL. :cowboy:

Once September roles around, there is not any CFL to be had ... even ESPN 360 doesn't carry games any more. If Versus can carry the UFL, why not approach them for a CFL Game of the Week when that league goes belly-up? Make it tape delay and they can pick the best of the best from every week.

Ya you could weed out the close defencive cfl game of the week, usually a lot of 2 and out,s, not great for the T.V, but us purists appreciate that type of game--- i recall the NBC broadcast of the Toronto game was a D struggle. lots of punts.

Yeah, If memory serves, didn't the late great Don Chevrier do CFL on NBC during a NFL work stoppage? Wow that takes me back. But yeah, come September things change. But again, I think a lot has to do with the fact that there's only Canadian teams. In the NHL and MLB there's representation on both sides of the border. The NFL has a big tv deal on both sides of the border as well. Plus the NFL plays the occasional game up in Toronto. I know we won't get US based teams in the CFL again. But while we had them here, boy were they fun. Okay, maybe not Las Vegas. (an A.D.D. moment- I wonder what Anthony Calvillo's memories are of playing in the dust bowl and desert heat with all of 35 fans in the stands?) The business model of the CFL back then was awful (hint: there wasn't one) but thankfully there's much more common sense in today's game. But I still miss the Baltimore CFL Colts (then CFLs, then later, Stallions) and my personal favorite team, the Sacramento Gold Miners. I'm glad we've got the internet to follow the league and stuff, but it's not the same as plopping down with a bunch of food, and drink in front of your tv, and going bananas for 3 hours... I can only hope someday the CFL will let those of us south of the 49th, to enjoy an exciting and entertaining brand of football.

If the CFL business plan is on track, there will be a second U.S. expansion because Canada,s market is only 34 million people, any business need,s have growth, don’t they? :wink: IMO Detroit, Buffalo, NY.NY, Chicago, L.A.,San Antonio, Baltimore,and Birmingham :thup: could all support CFL franchises. – Re: the Gold Miners, was at their second game on Canadian soil, missed the 1st one in Ottawa, and saw Baltimore in 94 G.C. :thup: Its to bad they didn’t get to defend their 95 G.C. (in Baltimore).

The CFL should also consider a 'pay-per-view' online model like the NHL. It's not a per-game basis, but a subscription model like Centre Ice or NFL Ticket. This would be for those outside of Canada.

I think fans all over the world might ante up for something like that, as long as it is inexpensive and subsidized by ad revenue.

I don't want to see the Argos playing U.S. teams... Where did you get that from??

originaldave77 wrote:

The CFL should also consider a 'pay-per-view' online model like the NHL. It's not a per-game basis, but a subscription model like Centre Ice or NFL Ticket. This would be for those outside of Canada.
Bang on, od77. The CFL would make a killing if they could offer subscriptions to watch all the games. There are CFL fans throughout the world (and in Canada) who would gladly pay a fee for satellite or on-line streaming...if only to show their support for the league and to guarantee they can watch every game. This could generate tens of millions annually for CFL coffers.

While other leagues offer home game packages, the CFL must ensure that season ticket holders are not lured away by video. Fans in the stands are crucial in football and are the lifeblood of the CFL. :thup:

I would drop the Slingbox tomorrow if given an all you can eat CFL package.

I don't think so... I would still renew...

i think the cfl would get better ratings in the usa then the nhl currently does. i mean a 0.5 for hockey ratings in the states is considered really good. Just dont see it on us tv tho, just think the american mentality and the fact that its the CANADIAN football league would mean they wouldnt watch.. but then again, baltimore and alot of people in the states love the cfl so maybe they would. I dunno. Dont see it happening tho unless the league expands to the states and that wont happen until theres teams in ottawa moncton/halifax and quebec city so still have a ways to go.

i am abit surprised tho that espn which has a working relationship with tsn doesnt show some games tho.

Maybe the next time the US broadcast rights come up for renewal ESPN will finally pick up some of the games. It's not like they would cost an arm and a leg.

well, the interesting thing about that (the US tv deal) is that there's only one "network" that carries the CFL and that is America One. A1 carries the TSN feed straight up and that's great but the problem is that A1 is not available on satellite or even in all 50 states. And the places it is available, those stations that do carry it are usually lov power stations that few people watch or have access to it if its not on their cable. Perfect example is in Cincinnati. WOTH is the A1 affiliate in the Queen City which is a low power station. It is carried on Insight Cable for a small part of Northern Kentucky. In Cincy, it's carried on Cinncinati Bell which is awesome. The problem is that by a very lopsided margin, most of the Cincinnati viewing area subscribes to Time Warner cable who does not carry it. WOTH is available over the air on a secondary carrier channel 25.1 which can be picked up via digital converter if you're within 15 mins of downtown Cincinnati. As an A1 affiliate, that actually is one of the GOOD situations for A1 viewing in the States. Most (and I do mean MOST) stations that do carry A1 programming are in very rual areas and are usually low power stations which means their signal over the air is extremely limited. Even with the digitization of tv signals, it still is LP. And a lot of those folks insert local programming and don't use the A1 feed till late night. Then to make matters worse, A1 cut their coverage of CFL football in half by carrying only two of the four games each week. Talk about pathetic. I can tell you guys straight up: if the CFL wants to negotiate NOW to find a US outlet to carry their broadcasts this season, they could do it without any argument from America One. The only hurdle that the CFL is facing when it comes to tv in the States: can Mark Cohon FIND a US outlet willing to carry the CFL?

Ya, that's rather an embarrassment, isn't it?