Will there be an Eastern crossover?

With John Beck playing like Jeff Beck, Montreal is pretty much guaranteed a win this week.. Winnipeg is terrible and Saskatchewan is toast. I think the odds of an Eastern crossover is over 50%.

I'm starting to like their odds more and more. It's still a 3-horse race with the tie going to the two western teams, so Montreal does have their work cut out for them. Anyways, adds a bit of historic interest to the race for 6th place. :thup:

That's a good question. My thoughts on a crossover seem to change from week to week from game to game. I'm not that sure that as Bungle says that Montreal has a gimme game this week over Winnipeg as the Bombers are quite capable of going in there and coming away with a victory. I feel this game will go a long way to determining if the Als will indeed have a shot at the crossover to the West. A win by them gives them 10 pts with 7 gms to play a win by the Bombers on the other hand and they will be 2 pts up on the Als but with only 6 gms remaining and also 2 up on the Lions who I suspect will lose to the Stamps this week will also have 7 gms left to play.
The big thing with the crossover is the fact that the crossover team must have at least 1 more pt in the standings to qualify a tie in pts won't cut it. The thing though is that all 3 teams have instability at the qb position and all 3 teams have been wildly inconsistent this season. We all know that one of the three non playoff teams this year will be the Riders,so the big thing is which two of the Lions,Alouettes or Bombers will join them on the sidelines come playoff time this year ? Ironically both the Lions and Als both have very impressive consecutive season playoff streaks on the line. The Alouettes since coming back into the league in "96" have never missed the playoffs in 19 straight seasons ,a remarkable record indeed. The Lions on the other hand have had a remarkable run of 18 seasons straight in the playoffs last missing back in "96". The Bombers haven't made the playoffs on the other hand since their Grey Cup appearance in "11" and have missed the playoffs now for the last 3 seasons and 5 of the last 6 years. So with all that being said, at this moment I'm thinking it's the Bombers who wind up 3rd and in the playoffs and both streaks of the Lions and Als finally coming to an end. But as I said earlier my thoughts on the subject changes from week to week from game to game.......... Will there be a crossover this season ? Stayed tuned. :expressionless:

So many games left so it is far too early to say. I would love to see it.

I do believe there will be.

I would love to see it. A first time historical moment in the CFL .

Question is , which of the 3 would have the best chance to win in Edm and Cal ?

I think Tor. They have shown they are a good road team. They have had better success in the West than Ott or Mon.

Mon has the best D of the 3 , which is what you need to win play-off games.

Ott, although looked good in BC, have been bombed out in both Edm and Cal.

So, I say that Tor - Mon - Ott in the order of best chance to win both West games .

Although, winning both is unlikely.

This of coarse is only in theory. If Tor is better then Mon and Ott they will finish in second anyway.

YES, I am declaring Ham in first. To good on O - D and ST.

To be determined. For the east you'd have to figure Hamilton, Toronto, and Ottawa as locks to make it.

Sask is out and BC without Lulay is done as far as the playoff race IMO. Reports are spreading of player discord with Tedford and they are facing the same problem we have in Winnipeg, having to rely on inexperienced backups, until the trade for Nichols. It remains to be seen if Nichols can keep the team afloat until Willy returns, but he offers more hope based on the Banjo bowl performance than Brohm or Marve did. It becomes a two horse race between Winnipeg and Montreal for the third spot in the West. The Als offensive situation seems to have become a mess, Marsh throwing 5 picks last game, the resulting dismissal of Turk Schoenert, and then moving to a co-OC situation with Calvillo and Dinwiddie. This could be a mess, this could be a great move. Even if the co-OC situation works, hard to see them making a real push unless Cato is back soon. There's only so far that D will carry them, as good as it is.

I think Montreal has a fairly good opportunity to crossing over.
Both Winnipeg and BC have 2 0f 4 wins vs the Riders.
Montreal still has 2 games to go with the Riders.

I think BC is out, now that Beck is starting, just don't see many wins coming from him. Even if Lulay comes back in a few games, how long will he be healthy and will that be enough.

I think it will become a battle between Montreal and Winnipeg for the final West spot.
Both teams will have to rely heavily on their defence.

There is a good chance it could come down to a Win - Mon race for 3rd.
Which is why I am looking forward to this up coming game .

Shortly after that the Bombers have home and home against the RB's.

I think things will become more clear after the Bombers have those 3 games. I say that because the head to head games with those you are in a race with will show which team is just a bit better.




Too early to tell. Yes there will be a race for the third playoff spot in the west and that race will include an eastern team. I thinks that's as close to a gaurantee as you can have at this point.

Je ne crois pas.

Les Alouettes sont en déroute et même les Lions devraient les surpasser cette saison.

Les Alouettes vont jouer sans Cato quelque temps encore, donc, autant dire que les Alouettes n’ont pas de quart-arrière. Si vous connaissez une équipe qui peut gagner sans un quart-arrière digne de ce nom, dites-moi laquelle, mais les Alouettes ne gagneront pas beaucoup de parties avec Crompton, Marsh ou Bridge. J’aurais aimé que Popp tente d’aller chercher Nichols, mais il a laissé le champ libre à Winnipeg.
I do not believe so.

The Alouettes are routed and even the Lions should surpass them this season.

The Alouettes will play without Cato some time, so saying that, the Alouettes have no quarterback. If you know a team that can win without a quarterback worthy of the name, tell me why, but the Alouettes will not win many games with Crompton, Marsh or Bridge. I would have liked for Popp to pick up Nichols, but he left the field open to Winnipeg.

Will be harder to pull off a win in Montreal with Moore hurt yet again.

Kevin Glenn back this week. That means Riders finish 8 - 10 and Montreal would need 9 -9 to get in. :lol: :wink:

you put the negative sign in the wrong place. its -8 and 10 :wink:

I could see it happening, but all 3 teams are a pretty big mess right now in that race. Montreal is better with Cato, but even he was slipping a bit after his hot start. They do have the best D of the 3, but I'm not sure if that alone will hold them in that spot. Winnipeg is probably the best of the 3 if they get Willy back (and he doesn't miss a beat). BC hadn't looked overly good even with Lulay starting.

When was the last time there was an all-Ontario bracket in the East Division? :smiley:

I think you make a good point, but I think the Als have a good enough defense to squeak by on a lot of these games. I think the bigger issue is the Lions have a vicious scheduale moving forward that is going to knock them out and Winnipeg and the Als have a very similar schedule in terms of difficulty, and the Als need to overtake Winnipeg, and that is what will slam the door in my eyes.

I will say this, if you keep playing Marsh, you aren't going anywhere. There's a reason why the Al's got LeFevour in the off season.


Je pense que vous faites un bon point, mais je pense que les Alouettes ont une assez bonne défense à grincer par un grand nombre de ces jeux. Je pense que le plus gros problème est les Lions ont une scheduale vicieux aller de l'avant qui va les assommer et de Winnipeg et les Alouettes ont un horaire très similaire en termes de difficulté, et les Alouettes ont besoin de dépasser Winnipeg, et qui est ce qui va claquer la porte à mes yeux.

Je dirai ceci, si vous continuez à jouer Marsh, tu ne vas nulle part. Il ya une raison pourquoi le monde a Al LeFevour dans la saison morte.

and…I hope that’s a translate glitch. I just realized the off season in french translates as the dead season.

Bien vrai que Marsh vient probablement de confirmer son départ des Alouettes à la fin de la saison. La seule raison pour qu'il demeure serait parce que Bridge demeure incompétent pour faire les faufilades du quart-arrière.

Je comprends votre point au sujet de la défensive des Alouettes et votre observation à propos des différents calendriers est un élément très pertinent. Cela dit, c'est l'attaque des Alouettes qui fait défaut, et elle est maintenant reprise par un duo de coordonnateurs à l'attaque dont le total d'années en tant qu'entraîneurs est d'un vénérable 3 ans. Je ne crois pas que ce duo va faire pire que Schonert, mais je ne crois pas qu'ils vont faire de miracle non plus. On ne reconstruit pas un système offensif avec seulement 8 parties à jouer. Ils vont donc piger dans ce qui existe et ajouter quelques concepts, sans plus. Donc, rien pour penser que l'attaque des Alouettes sera suffisamment solide pour vraiment rivaliser avec celles des Argonauts.

Comme vous le mentionnez, seul un jeu exceptionnel de la défensives des Alouettes, partie après partie, d'ici la fin de la saison pourrait permettre à cette équipe de jouer une partie éliminatoire. C'est quelque chose qu'on voit rarement arriver deux saisons de suite. On s'endend pour dire que même si c'était le cas, personne ne voit les Alouettes jouer à la Coupe Grey cette saison. En fin de compte, on est déjà en mode recontstruction pour 2016 de toute façon.

Likely there will be an Eastern x-over, but that is up to Montreal. It is theirs for the taking.

If the season ended today the answer would be yes