Will the Tiger Cats be practicing at THF moving forward?

Or will they be staying at McMaster?

Does anyone know?

If they move to THF will fans be able to watch them similar to the arrangement that was
enjoyed at IWS?

I don’t “know” but, once the PamAm games end and the city takes possession of THF again, then yes they would likely practice there. This would avoid having the players take a bus from Jarvis Street every day (their temporary dressing room) to Mac. I don’t “know” but I would imagine there would be no reason to not let fans into practices.

Yes, I think that’s true.
IIRC, the city is also going to be building some sports fields in the area behind “Stadium Mall” (along Gage, north of Barton), so the team might be able to use those fields for practice if THF is not available for some reason.

Will probably need someone from the team to weigh in on this one.

According to the CBA, The length of practice is 4.5 hours, this includes from locker room and back.
If the locker room is at Jarvis and the players are bussed to practice at Mac then Austin would be losing up to 1hr of valuable practice time,
Obviously Austin will want as many practices to be held at THF as he can.
Also in the THF lease agreement the TiCats have with the City, The TiCats can Veto any events that would interfere with their practices

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/news/council-approves-20-year-lease-with-hamilton-tiger-cats-1.2553347]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/ ... -1.2553347[/url]

[b]"Clark also had an issue with the section that gives the Ticats the ability to veto any events that conflict with team practices. With that, "we may never be able to bring in a concert," he said.

Coun. Lloyd Ferguson of Ancaster had the same sticking point. The city pushed for a clause that would see the Ticats practising somewhere else if the city needs the stadium, with the city providing transportation and the field, Ferguson said.

"Taxpayers put $50 million into the facility. It should be the taxpayers who decide the scheduling, not the tenants," he said.

The city will live with the agreement. "We have to now," he said. "But there's still a lot of bitterness."[/b]

I believe they will continue to practice at Mac until after the PanAm games are over!

I thought the Old Dominion Glass witch is now a Pan Am Parking lot was going to be built into a Practice facility for the Tiger Cats is this not the case ?

A soccer Field is to be built to replace the Brian Timmis field that was lost to the Stadium
There is no commitment for the City to provide a practice facility other than THF

Hamilton as a city seems to relish on "bitterness" rather than progress. Need I comment more on that. I guess it's just the way the city of Hamilton and their councillors wish to operate. :? :? :?

Of course the stupid people just blame it on the TiCats and Scott Mitchell and Bob Young because, well, they are stupid. Truth is what truth is I guess when you are dealing with minions.

The City of Hamilton and their insiders really do need to get their shit together on this city. Forget the blame game, start the team game. But I doubt the city of Hamilton and their insiders "get that". Sadly. No wonder I have no interest in spending 20 bucks to see a couple of soccer teams play here from wherever for the Pan Am Games. No wonder. City of Hamilton, you are getting what you wished for for the Pan Ams from this guy. Screw you. Mind you, give me a free seat for a Pan Am soccer game, well, I might be game. :lol: But I doubt it, not much of a soccer fan, even if Pele or Becks was here.

yes agree City Hall is a clusterfk but we still keep voting them all back in lol :stuck_out_tongue: just saying, all each of them care about is there own riding how about work as 1 for the entire city

PS just watch they will mess up the LRT plans too mark my words

Why is it you have to always comment so negatively about soccer and the Pan Am? I hate to say this, but feel I must. You post is truly obnoxious and full of cr@p.

Scott Mitchell interview with Andrew Bucholtz.

" AB: On a slightly different topic, any updates or further details on the plan to move the Hall of Fame to Tim Hortons Field? Are the Ticats involved as an organization, or is this mostly a league office plan? If you are involved, do you have any idea how many, or which, of the current Hall exhibits and artifacts would be moved there? And would the new Hall of Fame be accessible only on Ticats' game days, or beyond?

SM: The Tiger-Cats are very excited and involved and will be counted on to contribute to the vision, and to execute that vision with the City of Hamilton, the Hall of Fame and the CFL. What’s not well known is that there are over 80,000 artifacts owned by the Hall. Only several hundred are currently on display now and that will exponentially multiply at Tim Hortons Field. Tim Hortons Field is a city and public facility that is open to the public for the majority of the year. It will be used in some capacity almost every day from April through November, including for all Tiger-Cats practices, and the expectation is that the Hall of Fame displays will accessible for most if not all of those days. We will be able to do some special and unique things for the Hall of Fame on game day, but they only represent a fraction of the days the Hall exhibits will be open."

I worked at the hall for a couple of years during my university days and people would be amazed at the incredible artifacts they have. I look forward to the public getting a glimpse.