Will The Ticats Host The 2019 Grey Cup And Will They Make Money

According to Wiki, 'To date, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are the only club that has publicly expressed interest in hosting the (2019 Grey Cup).''Should the Tiger-Cats host the game, temporary seating would be installed with the goal to raise seating capacity to 40,000.'

If the Ticat's host the Grey Cup, they will have 24,000 built in seats. According to the Ticats, any additional seats will cost about $100 each to install, so they will have to charge north of $100 for each seat just to break even.

I don't believe the Ticats could sell 40,000 seats - if you thought the 2016 Toronto Grey Cup was ugly, Hamilton would be worse. TBH, I'm not sure they could break 30,000 - especially if they are well priced.

Assuming Hamilton does host, how many seats do you believe they could sell, at what average ticket price, and what kind of profit (if any) would they see?

If I am Bob Young, I pass on hosting because I don't think it can make money.

If I get stuck hosting it, I don't add any additional seats and I charge the moon for the 24,000. I'd have an average ticket price of $400 which would mean $10,000,000 in ticket revenue, and I pray the SRR get in the game.

I also know it could blow up in my face and I could end up losing my shirt.

Last, I hope it helps the Season Ticket sales.

The SkyDome was rockin when the Argos won the 100th Grey Cup in 2012.

So if Toronto or Hamilton make it....

I don't think you know what you are talking about. Hamilton loves their team, it'll sell fast and they wont have any issues.

I know a lot more about the fan base than you do. I remember Hamilton Grey Cups where they were practically giving tickets away at Tim Hortons - there is a reason we have not hosted one in 21 years.

They also assumed easy sales in Toronto in 2016. How did that turn out?

Hamilton is NOT a rich town. If the ticket prices resemble the 2016 Toronto Grey Cup, they will go unsold. Like I said, if I am Bob Young, I sell the rights to someone else and pocket the $$$.

There's always that slim chance that Toronto and Hamilton could meet in the Grey Cup. :wink:

How does a team "get stuck" hosting? They'd have to bid on it. If they bid, clearly they think they can make money.

Regardless, the answer is no. Stadium legal issues won't be sorted in time to win the 2019 Grey Cup bid even if they want it.

I think people are referring to 1996 as a reason why not to host it. That season, the CFL was in a very dark place and that game many thought would have been the last ever. Not a great selling feature.

Toronto had a bad turnout in 1992 and people said the same things to stay away only to host 2 very sucessful ones in 2007 and 2012 before ***ing the 2016 game. If tickets were reasonable from the start, it woule have been fine.

Going back to Hamilton, the legal fight is keeping the hosting duties away and I don't see it being resolved anytime soon.

If it can't be resolved then put 2019 in Vancouver and use it as a tool to accelerate a sale there.

With Hamilton's luck in these things, They will be awarded the 2019 Grey Cup and the League will go on strike for the 2019 season. :-[ :-[

I doubt the legal issues with the Stadium will be resolved by then, and to be honest, while it does coincide with the 150 anniversary of the team, I think you need to have it out west a few times before hosting. I think a lot of CFL fans are tapped out with Southern Ontario having done Toronto and Ottawa back to back, and while I love my city, I have no illusions that people would rather visit the capitals before us.

If we do end up hosting, will it make money? I think the fact Hamilton hasn't had a cup in ages and that will drive local sales, but Hamilton is not Regina. You aren't going to fill 40,000 with Ti-Cat fans, even they do make the cup. If it makes money, it will be because ticket prices were kept reasonable which will make it an easier away crowd decision. If it doesn't it will be because they priced similar to Ottawa (which I think they could have gotten away with a higher price frankly) or Toronto.

Well said.

My guess, Bob Young does not want to host the Cup. Just get the rights, say you can't for legal reasons, and sell the rights.

The $100/seat cost to install temporary seating would depend greatly on how many seats that they might choose to install. The higher the stands, the more supporting structure it needs. If they chose to only expand to 35k, the installation cost per seat would be significantly less.

Fair enough. I still think 35K struggles to sell.

People of Hamilton say they want a Grey Cup until they see ticket prices.

Just rig it so the Cats are in the GC, easy as pie. :wink:

The Ticats should host the 2019 GC(what else would they be waiting for...global warming?) It's the 150th Anniversary of the team's incorporation in a room above George Lee’s Fruit Store in 1869, when the Hamilton Foot Ball Club was formed. (They were certainly one of the earliest football team's ever, long predating U.S. city football teams and even before the English Rugby Football Union was created.)

I'd suggest adding one 8,000-seat temporary grandstand, bringing total attendance to 32,000.Grey Cup's today could no more have a deficit thana man could have a baby.

One of the biggest problems is Hotel accommodations.
The Media, etc. would pretty much take all the acceptable nearby Hotels

It could be the first all Air B&B Grey Cup in history

There is a reason Bob Young has not hosted a Cup in 15 years.
He knows its success is iffy.

Could they pair it with another big drawing event so that the cost of the temporary seating could be spread over multiple events, sort of like Ottawa did with the Grey Cup and Ottawa Senators game? Perhaps a big stadium concert like Ed Sheerhan or a neutral site NHL game. I've been to a Ti-Cats game at THF. I thought it was a nice venue. It would be a shame if they couldn't host a Grey Cup there, IMO.

It has been just over 20 years since Hamilton hosted a cup, and the hosted to just under 40 000 then (38 595). Are you suggesting that the interest in football and/or the population has decreased in that time? Otherwise, I see no reason they could not sell to around 40 000.

Also, if they are having a respectable season then they do not have to actually charge a minimum of 100 per seat (which is doable anyways). Staging around 10000 of them for the LDC and filling them provides some solid extra funding. When the Riders hosted in 2013 it was a big reason for their fiscall success....they added seats through the season, not just the GC.