will the Tabbies start 0-8 again?

0-4 right now.

they play:

calgary to go 0-5
montreal to go 0-6
winnipeg to go 0-7
winnipeg to go 0-8

where in that can they possibly get a win?...and even if they did get A win, does anyone expect them to walk away from this any better then 1-7?

they have missed the playoffs already, IMO.

and if the argos dont smarten up, we could see all the western teams plus montreal in the playoffs ( counting winnipeg as a western team ).

Winnipeg won't be able to beat them back-to-back, two weeks in a row. And personally, even though I'm pretty certain Calgary will win this week, I think the 'cats could have a surprise game.

I say this team will go 0-6 , and follow that up by winning all but 4 or 5 of the remaining games. Finishing 8-10 or 7-11. May be able to sneak past sask(CO), and Tor into the playoffs, if they get a bit of luck on their side.

When I said the best the Ticats could expect out of the gates was 1-5, people told me I would be surprised by the so improved Cats. Now the best they could do in six games is 2-4, and I believe that'd be stretching it.

I could see Montreal or Winnipeg having a bad outing and losing one to them, but the thing is Montreal already had a horrible ouying against them and the Als still got the win. So.... What does it take to get the Cats going?

Imagine Hamilton against anybody right now. They don't seem at par. I could see them repeat at 5-13 with all of their wins in the second half of the season.

theres no way the ticats will get even 1 win against the bombers. they'll go 0-8, starting the season 0-8 is the best case scenario

Who knows they just might suprise any of those teams. But I thing they will win one or both of the Winnipeg games!

more of those classic red predictions....

Yogi, you're starting to make RNR look like a Rhode's Scholar. You can get a second opinion on the math, if you don't believe me, but going 0-8 would not qualify as the BEST case scenario to start the season. 0-8 would be the WORST case scenario for any team after 8 games.

Warner you noticed Yogi! Well you are right about RNR being smarter that is for sure! :lol:

...and you red....being a better predicter than sambo....is really stretching things...but keep tryin'....you just give us more crow dinner ideas for ya... :lol:

OLe Pappa the crow you had to eat last year has let you with a lasting impression! By the way does it taste like chicken. I guess I won't have to worry about it!

I think the cats will win two of those games...

...like i said ..red.. ask sambo...about the crow delicacy....so you can get an idea on how it goes down.... :lol: :lol:

Why Sambo I do not recall him getting the crow last year. Why I can ask you and piggy you guys loved it! Or was that my good friend Hankthetank

what i meant is that if they only go 0-8 they'd be lucky. theres no way they'll beat the bombers or any of the other teams they face up to then, so 0-8 is the best case scenario for them, duh. you eskimo fans are dumber than rider and stamps fans combined :lol:

I guess it depends on the determination they have right now to end the streak.

Yogi, even after I do you the favour of pointing out your idiocy, you continue to repeat yourself, insisting that you really are as stupid as you appear, and it wasn't just a mistake the first time around.

Please, explain the math to me, where 0-8 is "lucky" and "best case scenario"?. Both phrases would insinuate that there MUST be something worse than 0-8, and they would actually be hoping to go 0-8. Please, yogi, before you continue your rediculous insults, and moronic statements, just explain to us all what is WORSE than losing 8 out of 8 games???

Nobody should read my post here...it would be a waste of your time to read the entire thing. If you are reading it, I advise you stop now. STOP it! Pushy, aren't you? Fine then, read away, but you won't learn anything useful.

losing 9 out of 9 games, then 10 out of ten games etc. eskimo fans are ALOT dumber than i thought

Yogi, I think you are alone on this one. Your comment was the stupidest and Warner's question was legitimate. You have not successfully explained anything.

As of now, the Ticats COULD be 4-4 after eight games, and THAT would be the best case scenario for them. Whether or not you believe that to be possible is irrelevent to the fact it could happen.

What yogi is trying to say (although not succeeding) is that the Cats would be lucky if they manage to win their ninth game. He figures the best they can do to start this year is lose only the first 8, as opposed to the first 10 or 12. He's just not very articulate.

Now as for what I think.. The Cats have a new head coach as of today. They've always had the talent, and just lacked motivation or preperation or something along those lines to get going. I think with the writing on the wall that continued losses will mean continued firings, you will see a new Hamilton team starting this week. I'll still bet on the Stamps, but I think the Cats take one of the next four.. possibly Montreal since the Als have been pretty shaky in their last couple games, and might just be getting complacent with all these wins piling up.