Will the streak continue? (Grey Cups)

So the Ticats have won a Cup in every decade for the past whatever-amount of decades. They came close to ending that streak in '99. Well if we want to keep it alive we have to win in '09. Will we?

why not win in 08??

A win in 08 or even 09?

Not a snowballs chance! Then again.......

The streak was for the 20th century! its' over.

If we want to start a new one in the 21st century there's only 2 seasons left. Can't see it happening this year so that leaves 09 as the final one.

I am an optomist but I wouldn't bet on it.

The reason I wouldn't bet on it is the "awe" factor.

It often takes a second Grey Cup appearance
for a team to come out on top in such a big game

so let's get there this year!

I hope the team doesn't think negatively like that.

There's absolutely no reason why thet can't win it this year on their first try just like Regina.

Route for the flyers to win the stanley, then use that for hope the ticats can duplicate.

With the turn over of players and an enforced salary cap I think the 'Cats can win it in '09. This year will be another rebuilding year. I don't think it's unreasonable to set our goal to make the playoffs... but winning it all... I don't think we're quite there.


Even if we go 1-17 I'll still cheer my arse off! LOL

ps - I'm in Petawawa now (for anyone that cares - lol). I am done my BMQ, QL3 and am now on my first posting.

Why would anybody root for a bunch of classless instigator thugs to win anything? And why would we want to Ticats to imitate that?

Welcome to ticats.ca Mr Carboneau but its over now for this season, you can stop crying and Novalev and the Nostitsins can come out from under the bed........the nightmare is over.

Nice post Mr.Maurice, good luck with the job hunt.

The salary cap makes it easier for teams to turn around. and this is not a rebuilding year, last year was but definately not this year.

I'd rather see the Cats duplicate what the Giants did last year or what the 99/2000 Rams did.

Let's not forget what happened on '97, '98 and '99. '97 we were 2-16, the next year we made it to the Grey Cup and the year after we won it!! The team CAN turn around that fast, it's happened already. Even earlier this decade, we made a huge turnaround, going 1-17 to 9-9.

Yeah, whatever.
I would've posted the same thing before the playoffs even started if this topic had come up. The only team I hate more than the Flyers is the leafs, and that's only because of where they're from. As far as how they play, the Flyers are the biggest idiots** hands-down.
But I guess I should expect their fans to act the same way as their team.

**I'm sure some of their players aren't generally idiots and thugs, but as long as they're playing for Bobby Clarke and Paul Holmgren they're encouraged to play like it's the 1974 garbage era.

Any team can turn things around in 1 season.
The TiCats have upgraded the most important single player on the team in QB Printers.
If he returns to form, we can do some damage.

The Habs also share the distinction of winning a championship every decade.
They however are down to 1 more season to keep that streak...and here is hoping they don't!!!!!

Lets hope the Leafs continue with their record as well...Going on five decades without a cup...

Well obviously! This is a Hamilton-based website after all.