Will the Stamps underestimate Mathews?

I smell an upset!

Yes, they will.

Will that contribute to an upset? If our defence plays at its best and Mathews has even a decent game, we've got a shot.

They will blitz, blitz and blitz.


Tasker is going to be very busy tomorrow. get rest son!

The Stamps are going to send a ton of pressure after seeing the film of Matthews first game. I don't think they'll underestimate him though. As long as he doesn't turn the ball over, our defense can keep us in the game. I'd rather see Matthews take a ton of sacks, than make some of the throws he made against the Esks under pressure.

I think Huff is too smart to underestimate Mathews. As for the players - we’ll see. Stubler apparently isn’t generally “blitz happy” but no doubt they will try to get pressure, especially on the blind side with Olsen out - not that Figs isn’t good - he’ll HAVE to be. Do agree with you that the D will definitely do their part to keep us in it but the offense HAS TO take care of the ball and not turn it over.

Ticats are definitely the underdogs in the CFL PIck 'Em (74%-26% approximately)- no surprise - but quite a switch from when Zach was starting!

The wind is forecasted to be 50 km/hr at game time and throughout the whole game. At least the
Stamps don't have any film on our running game.
Going to be a tough time going through the air.

Could be a "slight" Ticats advantage as they had a pretty windy day yesterday (if it was as windy in Hamilton as it was here) for practice. Calgary can be windy too but the Stamps are making just their first trip to THF and won't be used to the way the breeze swirls around. Mathews didn't seem to be too bothered by the wind in the last game and if I remember correctly, it was also pretty strong.

Glad I wasn’t drinking milk when I read this.

I hope we don't get Math badly mauled and he survives to play another day.... Amen :cowboy:

Calgary will be missing two key starters on defence but I'm sure there method will be to blitz or rush Mathews but hey coach Austin and Jeff Mathews know they will or certainly will try to and in his first full game I'm sure they will have plays designed for Jeff with quicker passes.

One of the best QB's against the rush was Danny Mac because he had such a quick release, if the Cats design more plays like that with quick passes to Tasker, Grant, Sinkfield or Banks they will be hard to stop.

Hopefully we have a run game tonight as well to off-set the pass with Holley or Woodson getting more touches and a more balanced attack.

Once again on defence it will be stopping Jon Cornish and blitzing Mitchell, keep the rush on, mix up the defence as Coach "O" is so good at doing.

Should be a great game tonight in the Hammer.


Good weather for an onside punt.

And the Stamps STs have been a bit of a problem - although possibly more against long returns and allowing return TDs. No matter JR will find a way to take advantage! :smiley:

@BIGCAT Ford is starting - not Holley. Bigger body, more of a "down hill runner" according to KA.

after the 3 for 7 in the first half for 26 yards and a pic, they prob. did not under estimate Mathews

Guess I have my answer.